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Thread: Team Darklight - Broadax 2 (Featherweight Axe/Hammer)

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    Here we go again!

    As a lot of you that attended Extreme Robots Manchester in 2018 will know, that whilst the previous iteration of Broadax potentially could have made a great brushless axe, it failed to deliver, having a number of design issues and being rushed to make the event.

    As a result, I decided to redesign again, with the aim of ironing out a number of the issues.

    On the hit list:
    • The axe mechanism - no longer Chain/Sprocket, this time around, it's Spur gears all the way - no chains to break of go slack or out of alignment. Also dead shafts all round, to remove the need for bearings pushed into the bulkheads which makes for a much more sturdy and robust overall configuration.
    • The drive mechanism - raised up substantially so that it doesnt rub the ground and beach itself. Again spur gears, removing the great but too wide planetary gearboxes used previously. Ratio change to 6:1 to give it greater top speed.
    • The armour - not symmetrical any more (boo!) but designed such that it doesn't cause clearance problems and to lean the front into the floor more reliably. Also, not welded but one piece bent, and attached with anti vibration mounts.
    • The electronics - switched up a gear to VESC 4.12 ESCs for drive

    Since April, work has been ongoing on the CAD design for this bot. Here's a more-or-less final render:

    Broadax-2.0 v94.jpg

    Towards the end of May and early June, this was finalised and the whole design has now been water cut, and the front armour bent from a single piece. Assembly has started but hasn't yet finished.

    IMG_20180625_200043.jpg IMG_20180618_191105.jpg

    Still on the do list is some brackets to attach the armour to the body, wiring, VESC configuration, and a paint job!

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    Gee man, Broadax V1 was already a pretty impressive upgrade over your previous bot, but this looks like a really substantial upgrade. Feather axes are always great to see, and it looks like this machine could easily rank among the top ones in the UK right now if the improvements prove to act as they should. Can't wait to see more!

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    Looking great and not far off finished either!

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    Thanks, that's very complimentary! Will have to actually finish it first!

    To that end, got the VESCs configured and the drive propped up for a little test. After trying VESCs I don't want to go back to SimonK!

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    Looks awesome! I like the brushless hammer

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    Here's the first axe test on a VESC. Still more tweaking to do, the robot wasn't fully charged here yet it still bounces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam_Gad View Post
    Great upgrades! Did you get the 1 piece armour cut and bent from Kcut?
    Yes, I used KCut for this. There was a bit of a delay on the bending but the result is pretty good

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    More progress made today, finished the armour mounting brackets and the drive plate attachments.

    Did a quick second drive test:

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    Looks very much like the Original version of Kashei.

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