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Thread: Cheap HK Brushed ESCs

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    Hello all. I'm quite new to RC electronics, and looking for some cheap ESCs to start playing with (most other stuff I should be OK with). There seems to be a dizzying array of brushed ESCs out there, but these caught my eye:

    To my untrained eyes, a pair of these look like an OK setup to start out with, at least for figuring out the basics. I will be using (don't laugh) Lego 9 V motors so 2s LiPos should be fine. They also look like a new item, since they have no reviews. For barely a fiver each I'm tempted to just get some and try them out, but wanted to ask the experts in case I'm missing something obvious (likely).

    Anyone used them before? Anyone have any thoughts?

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    That looks like it might be ok. 2s feels quite low for a beetle to me though.

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    I've used turnigy ESCs before. They're very decent for the price, but be warned - they're very intolerant of heat in my experience. When heated up, they act erractically or just die. If you're using it for a combat robot, make sure it isn't anywhere that's likely to get excessively warm.

    Again, very good quality and do what it says on the tin, considering price.

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    That's all I'm after really - something functional and cheap enough that I won't be too upset when I have a "learning experience".

    Thanks for the responses, I'll grab a couple and see how I get on with them.

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