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Thread: BOB FW Series

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    Well after taking it to Robodojo, it worked better than BOB 1 back in Manchester but it seemed to didn't want to drive straight in all of its 3 battles. Won't be able to check what went wrong because in its 3rd fight the receiver died on me so I'll have to get a new one.

    Out of its 3 fights.
    W 1 - 2 L
    Go to 3:23

    Ok so it turns out the receiver didn't die on me, it was the fuse. Good thing I didn't throw the old receiver away, just need to remember where I put the spare fuses now.
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    Well after taking BOB 3 to Robodojo, I can happily say for the first time I didn't have any drive problems like the other two.

    When I got there BOB 3 was still not finished, still needed to make a hole for the safety link, a holder for the battery and the ESC, also some wires needed some soldering before its first fight. I only just finished the important things before it first fight, of course without its weapon.

    First fight.

    Went well nearly got Midas out a few times but he got me on the pit where my wheels wasn't on the ground. Other than that it was a good fight.

    Secord fight.

    Didn't need to do a thing.

    Third fight.

    Mad Henry is a quick little vacuum cleaner, driving around the place until he pulled a Onslaught and drove on BOB 3 and landing on his side.

    Fourth fight.

    While Mattock kept hitting me with his axe, I kept ramming him until BOB 3 stop driving.

    Well I made the same mistake again with the receiver when really it was this.

    Just need to make a few things to it and it'll be ready for next time.

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    Late Robodojo update.

    After the first two fights I started to have some drive problem, from what has happened the grub screws for hub stay on the gearbox came lose so the wheel will just spin around, also the screw that keeps the hub from sliding off is doing the same. Those two problems have cost me the last two fights.

    I was told there was some sort of glue that helps with this of course by the time I got home I forgot what it was called. Does anyone know what it was called?

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    Sounds like thread-lock like Loctite blue (243)

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    Yeah, that rings a bell, I might have to get one to keep those screws in place, when it comes lose its doing this to the shaft.

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    What I do with keyed shafts and grub screws these days is drill an indent into the shaft just wide enough for the grub screw to sit in and then use lockthread to hold it in. Works well enough on my Middleweight.
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    The next thing to do is change the motor for the linear from brushed to brushless to get more speed out of it. Just need to find the right size for it, 38mm max size. The gear size will depend on the size of the motor shaft.

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