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Thread: Project "Blacksmith

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    "Blacksmith" (FW) under construction
    Lincolnshire, Threekingham
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    Hello everybody! So little has happened due a redesign, after seeing it party has made me lose come confidence soo this is what the current revised version looks like.Untitled.png
    major differences are that the front armour is much thicker now. it is planned to be 8mm acting as both A) proper thick armour and B) a counter weight to help keep the CoM over wheels. Also the base is now 6082 Alu. the Black and white parts in the image are a HDPE. side uprights rear and front covers are 12mm. the axe braces are 20mm and the wheels covers will probably end up as 2 layers of 5mm (as I don't really have any straight 10mm left)

    this version should sit around 13.192 kg with the 8mm HARDOX front.
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