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Thread: REC Gearbox

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    REC Gearbox is a project that has been tested on our Team robots since 2012. After a hundred of fights, tests and fails, here you get the best improvement possible on drill based gearbox !!


    REC Gearbox can be produced at differents final ratio as 6:1, 24:1 and 36:1, meaning that you can select the one that best fits your project.



    REC Gearbox break the wall of RS550’s motors type, handling also RS775 motors on 24:1 version.

    No stall

    The most significant improvement on our Gearbox is the replacement of all parallel pins to taper pins, so no loose pin, no instant stall, no smoke!


    REC Gearbox is made from 45x45mm 6061 Aluminium alloy and have 12x M6*1mm threaded holes.

    Dual bearing supporting the main shaft, make sure that everything will keep running even under big radial loads.

    General dimensions:

    Square – 45x45mm

    Main Shaft length (12mm) – 38mm

    3/8 UNF Theaded shaft length – 15mm

    Total length – 145mm (including RS550 motor)

    Weight – 473g (including RS550 motor)


    Plug and Play

    6:1 version – 30£ including RS550 motor.

    36:1 version – 30£ including RS550 motor.

    24:1 version – 34£ including RS550 motor.

    Please for more information e-mail –

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    I know a lot of people use 3/8 UNF threaded wheels as a result of using drill gearboxes, but I could see just a regular shaft with a flat ground in it or a hole through being more versatile.

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    I have streamlined that drillshaft fact into a hex 17 sleeve so we can fit RC wheels onto it without modifying the shaft.

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    Can these gearboxes be sold without the motor? Got some motors going spare and wanna put them into use.

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    Hi Harry,

    Sure, contact by email please.

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    Hi Runsler,

    Sorry for the delay on reply.

    The motor used is an standard DC motor for ours application with the follow specifications (real/measured), Please consider that all these values is for motor not assembled on gearbox.

    No-Load speed @12V - 13200rpm
    No-Load speed @14V - 15300rpm
    No-Load speed @18V - 19800rpm - Nomimal voltage

    No-Load current @12V - 0.67A
    No-Load current @14V - 0.74A
    No-Load current @18V - 0.92A - Nominal voltage

    Stall current @12V - 80A
    Stall current @14V - 93A
    Stall current @18V - 120A - Nominal voltage

    ~20 kg radial load on gearbox shaft (consider peak current could be ~4x):

    Load current @12V - 5.7A
    Load current @14V - 6.6A
    Load current @18V - 8.6A - Nominal voltage

    Best regards,


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    Hi Runsler,

    Radial Load:

    Im not sure if a "40A dual channel" ESC can handle 4 Gearbox on a feather, take in consideration that during a fight, all the mentionated (Load current) values are easily exceeded.

    Best regards,


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