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Thread: The return of Battlebots?!

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    This is just a copy and paste from a post done by Nick on the AUS site, but its self explanatory...

    Hi Guys
    We’re emailing to let you know of some very exciting news happening at

    For the last 14 years we’ve been trying to get BattleBots back on TV. There
    have been ups and downs, but just recently we hooked up with a fantastic new
    production team, went out and pitched the show, and…

    …We have a deal in the works with a MAJOR TV Network.

    We can’t say who the network is right now, but the opportunity is huge, and
    the show could come back bigger and better than ever.

    But there is a challenge:
    The network wants to air the new BattleBots series this summer 2015 (late
    June). This means we’d have to hold the event in May 2015. This isn’t a lot
    of time. In fact it’s hardly enough time—we understand and have communicated
    this to the network. But it’s the time slot they want us in, and it’s a take
    it or leave it situation. We want to take it and we want you to take it with

    We know it’s going to be rough on you and the other builders to design,
    build and ship something in that short timeframe—plus we want to see and
    encourage brand new robot designs and weapons (more on that below). But here
    is the upside:

    • It’s a MAJOR network.

    • The prize money will be significant—more than has even been awarded in our
    • The exposure will be HUGE and elevate the sport to a new level.

    • Beyond the prize money we’re working on other prizes, awards, incentives
    and equities that could mean fantastic rewards for builders (not just the
    winner of the competition).

    It truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity that can’t be passed up.

    So what are the details?

    • The event would take place sometime in May 2015.

    • This would be a SINGLE weight class event somewhere in the neighborhood of
    the Heavyweight class (This will be a new BattleBots TV weight class that is
    being determined now).

    • We are in the process of completely rewriting the BattleBots rules to
    restrict less, and open the doors for more creative, powerful, awesome

    • To enter, contestants will have to design their robots on paper first
    (CAD, drawings, etc), and submit those plans for approval.

    • We know the timeframe is super tight, but we want to see new robots, not
    recycled bots. We want to see robots with robust active weapons systems,
    multiple weapons, modular weapons, etc. We want to see robots that are
    visually stunning, aggressive and employ new strategies to win and thrill
    audiences. It’s a tall order, we know, but you can do it.

    • The BattleBox arena will have some new tricks up its sleeve, some of which
    you will be able to control.

    Obviously you have about 100 questions right now, and we’ll get more
    specifics out in the New Year, but we felt it was important to alert you
    while things are being worked out so you knew sooner than later.

    Next steps:
    We hope to have the deal closed and make the official announcement in
    January 2015, along with all the event, rules and logistical details. But in
    the meantime, over the holidays, we ask that you spend sometime thinking of
    what your next, best BattleBot could be.

    Main problem I see is 5 months to build a whole new fleet and class or robot, but if the prize money is what they say... might it be worth it?!

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    Any details of where?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJ-27 View Post
    Any details of where?
    No details as of yet beyond this email. It does say we will find out soonish though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silent Night View Post
    That sounds great, but why would they want to not only create a new weight class (the only weight class that will be represented), but also discourage old robots from coming back? Wouldn't that not only cause more fuss than needed, but also alienate casual fans who want to see at least one of their favourite robots on the TV screen?
    Because they want this to be all new, probably a new IP in some cases. Unique robots means unique toys and other branded items, it means a new and fresh look and feel and it means that they have full control over many things they wouldn't if they reused the old rules. It also forces people to come up with new designs/robots rather than hashing out new ideas or reviving old ones.

    With team controlled arena weapons and a new 'more creative, powerful, awesome robots' rule set, they want a modern, new, unique show, something that many roboteers don't want. Ever since series 6/7 of RW the weapon principals haven't changed that much, they have just matured and become more powerful thanks to technology improvements. This new rule set will give people to test out and build unique and interesting machines without the fear they won't be competitive against the current fleet of robots.

    (I think that all makes sense)

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    Doesn't matter - probably won't happen anyway. One of these announcements happens once every three years or so.

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    Battlebots was always held in San Francisco, where the company had their arena set up. They held a one-off event at the same place 4 or 5 years ago so its likely to be at the same venue unless the 'major network' wants to pay for an expensive new set (which I doubt).

    The time frame is the real issue - builders have to submit CAD plans to be accepted so if details are announced this month, you would have to work crazy fast on a design and probably not know if you are accepted until late February. Builders will probably have only 3 to 4 months to complete a heavyweight bot.

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    kane's Avatar

    I for one would be very interested to see what they come up with. Ideas are not something I think any of us are short on.
    Kane Aston

    Co-owner and builder of BEHEMOTH

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