This has been up on the RW101 forum for a while, but thought I'd post it here for those of you who aren't on RW101..

As some of you may know, I produce the NanoTwo ESC. The NanoTwo kit combines my ESC in a small package with a LemonRx, complete with motors and wheels.


The whole unit is compact and lightweight, weighing in at 30g (including motors and wheels), with board dimensions of 26mm x18mm x10mm

It also comes with a compact servo connector on the throttle channel to allow for weapons to be added:


It is perfect if you already own a robot in a heavier weight class, and would like an ant without the hassle of searching around for all the parts. This kit can just be bought, attached to anything, then bound to your current remote for an instant antweight. (battery also required; use these or similar)

Pre-production testing has shown it to be very competitive; one was used in the 2WD pusher Kinda Accelerant at the last AWS, and that came 3rd in the competition. Almost all my robots at the last AWS used them, and they have proven to be very reliable and easy to use units.

Supplied with bind plug for an easy setup.

£40 for complete kit.
£30 without wheels and motors
£2 postage

It's roughly the same cost as buying all the parts separately, but they're combined into a small neat package, and can be delivered as soon as next day (depending on available stock/ whether I'm free.)

. Wheels and motors or just Rx/ESC unit
. Aileron or Rudder for steering
. Onboard signal mixing or no signal mixing.
. JST battery connector or loose wires for soldering.
. Shipping or collection at next AWS
. Fleaweight kit (shortened motor axles and wheels to fit in 3 inch cube)

If you have any particular requirements, ask in the email to check if itís possible.

If you would like one, please email your list of options to:
I will get back to you to confirm your order, after which you'll need to send the required amount via PayPal to the address above before I can ship it.