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Thread: HW: Leveller Evo (name pending approval by Dave Mac)

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    The advantage from 4 times to 8 times buffer isn't in relation to the weight and space used. In short, keep it 4 times.

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    There are voices that want to mandate a metal battery-support-baseplate, but for now anything is ok.

    For team RCC.

    LiFe's are no firehazard. We had in the 7 years we use'm 2 mishaps.
    1) Recharging a 4S pack on 6S. Result, a bit of smoke and bulged packs.
    2) Drilling a hole trough them. Result, a lot of smoke.

    The raptors Nebelwerfer and Perun use a bend and HDPE box that gets closed up when the armor goes together.
    Hannibalito 3.2 uses a steel plate with bend sides as part of a support frame, and a piece of heavy duty RC velcro strap.

    These 3 machines use a Zippy 3S 4000mAh LiPo hardcase pack.

    Bullfrog has a shockmounted ali box containing the 2 5S 5000mAh LiPo's.
    Kan Opener has shockmounted open framed Titanium support structures to keep the 4 Zippy 4S 8000mAh packs in place.

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    It's normal with all the ports closed that the ram moves very slow and stiff, it shouldn't move at all even.
    But I guess there are some small losses in unpressurised Burkerts.

    Now, how did you connect it all up? Any restriction in flow will make a large ram like that move slow.
    The ports in the ram are 1/2bsp.
    If you use 2 Burkerts 5404's to feed the ram, there should be 2 hoses or pipes between those and the buffertank. Internal diameter of hose/pipe should be at least 12mm.

    If these conditions are fullfilled, there is another possible reason to have a "limp ram". The shuttles not moving in the main valves.
    Option 1)
    The pressure is over 50 bar, some Burkerts need more than 24V to open the solenoid fast enough to have the shuttle move, otherwise it's just the 2mm assist hole in the Burkert that feeds the ram.
    2) Foreing matter in the valves ( swarf or sticky iccy stuff)

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    open the valves is the first part of that.

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