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Thread: Team Pasty Build Diary: Loki

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    Hi Guys, pretty new here so this is my first post. I've started building a featherweight which I am naming Loki (hopefully it's not taken!). It's going to have electric lifting forks, inspired by Panic Attack and Biohazard. At the moment I have an MDF mock up of the chassis and the following components:

    2x drill motors
    2x BotBitz 85A ESCs
    1x Orange 6CH RX
    1x Spektrum DX5E TX
    2x 75mm RobotChallenege Blue Wheels
    2x 7.2V 3300 mAh NiMH batteries in parrallel (borrowed from my Battle Rat, Nasty Pasty)

    The final chassis will be made from HDPE and hopefully if I can get enough cheap off cuts the armour will be titanium. I have a few new bits and bobs coming next week, a Turingy V-Tail Mixer (controlling is interesting at the moment!) and 2x 9.6V 3300 mAh NiMH batteries and an electric actuator.

    Would appreciate feedback/tips/advice

    Here's some photos of progress so far:
    [attachment=1:kf34ow3k]2013-02-22 22.06.41.jpg[/attachment:kf34ow3k]
    [attachment=0:kf34ow3k]2013-03-03 15.29.39.jpg[/attachment:kf34ow3k]
    And a video:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    ^They're the 85a Botbitz speed controller. It's a reprogrammed and electronically tweaked brushless motor controller. Here's their site:

    As I have said, your machine is looking very nice thus far, Chris! You're going to be amazed when you up your batteries to the 9.6v in series, the machine will be over twice as fast as it is now.

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  5. #5 ... Manual.pdf

    Go to page 11 on the PDF. Look at ELEVON/DELTA mixing. This will allow you to mix the signals at the transmitter without the need for a separate one in the robot.

    You may have to swap cables going into your receiver around or reverse a channel but it will work with the right combination!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merkabah_PT
    Will it be a four-bar lifter like Biohazard or fork lifter like Panic Attack?
    Doesn't the Spektrum DX5E have built-in mixing?
    How will you control the lifter? Another BotBitz 85A ESC or using an H-Bridge?

    I know it's just a mock-up buy, when you get the actuator, make the robot as compact as possible, you will save lots of weight and money in materials.

    Looking good.
    It will be a four bar lifter with forks, at least that's what I'm aiming for.

    I tried to find out about the mixing, from what I've read it doesn't but I could be wrong. I'm all new to this lol

    Yeah I've made an H-bridge to control the lifter, tried to upload a picture but it only let me do 2 for some reason?

    And thanks I'll keep compactness in mind

    Quote Originally Posted by Ellis
    You're going to be amazed when you up your batteries to the 9.6v in series, the machine will be over twice as fast as it is now.
    Looking forward to it

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    Looks very nice for a wood bot.
    Forget the ti stick with MDF

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