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Here is a page on some of the Robot Wars merchandise. Please note that since no future series of Robot Wars are planned, its merchandise has become extremely rare and very hard to find indeed.


People are now finding it hard to find Robot Wars merchandise. The Robot Wars online stores have closed. I can only recommend that you try the best toy shops. Contact FEVA, the makers of some merchandise too. Technobots, an online shop and suppliers of many robotic combat are now selling Robot Wars toys online but they only have a limited supply left and some products have stopped being made.

Lots of Robot Wars Merchandise!

There are loads of Robot Wars toys and merchandise available in the stores (some are pictured above) so you better get saving!

Go quickly to a Robot Wars product by clicking on the links below or scroll down the page digesting all this lovely information!



There are many toy models of robots from Robot Wars. If you pull them back and let go, they whiz forward. You can recreate many action packed battles with these pullback toys. Most of them come with moving parts and moving weaponry (e.g. Panic Attack comes with its forks you can lift up and down). They are made of plastic and they are priced 10 each. Each one comes with accessories as well, such as parts from the pinball set such as the car gate or multi ball release.

Pullbacks available:

Sir Killalot Sgt Bash
Matilda Dead Metal
Refbot Shunt
Hypno-Disc Growler
Mr Psycho Chaos 2
Razer Panic Attack
Pussycat Stinger
Wheely Big Cheese Firestorm
Tornado Dantomkia

House Robot Pullbacks

House robot pullback toys from Robot Wars. These are plastic models of the real things. Going from top left to bottom right: Dead Metal, Sir Killalot, Refbot, Growler, Sgt Bash, Shunt and Matilda.

Pullbacks of some of the Contestant Robots

Chaos 2, Pussycat, X-Terminator, Panic Attack and Hypno-Disc pullback action toys.

Razer Pullback

The Razer pullback toy.

Toy Robots Fight                   Sir Killalot carries Hypno-Disc

Above left: Toy robots having a big fight on the arena. Above right: Toy model Sir Killalot carries Hypno-Disc.


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Mini Bots

These are miniature pullback robots. They have tiny pullback motors inside them so when you pull them and let go, they whiz forward. They don't really have moving parts as they are too small to have that. They come in packs of three.

Mini-bots available:

Sir Killalot Sgt Bash
Matilda Dead Metal
Refbot Shunt
Hypno-Disc X-Terminator
Chaos 2 Razer
Panic Attack Pussycat
Suicidal Tendencies Mega Morg
Wild Thing Dominator
Plunderbird Tornado
Wheely Big Cheese Firestorm

Mini Bots

Some mini bots. Sorry about Sgt Bash's head, he seems to have become decapitated!


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The Minibot Arena

This is for recreating battles with the mini bots. The arena looks just like the one from the TV. It has a pit which you can open and close and also an arena flipper which you can work. Obviously it can't come with a flame pit but you can pretend it is there. It also comes with the doors at the end of the arena which can be opened or closed to allow robots in or out. Also, you can have many sound effects by the touch of a button. You can have robots bashing each other sounds, Jonathan Pearce commentary and cheers from the audience. Also available for the mini bots is the Smash and Crash Playset which gives you hours of fun crashing and bashing the mini bots.

Mini Bot Arena

The arena for the mini bots.

The Mini Bot Arena

The mini bot arena with some mini bots having a good fight with the Refbot watching over them.


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The Gauntlet

Robots have to get to the other side despite of the spikes which you control the raising and lowering of and also the pendulums which swing from side to side. Ramps for the gauntlet come with it too. This is priced at about 30. This is designed for the bigger replica pullback toys. You can now get a drop zone add on which allows you to drop toy washing machines and ovens from the roof of the mini bot arena!

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet.


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Pit Stop Kits

These come with small pieces of robots. You have to put them together again. You pretend you are in the pits fixing the robots putting them back together again and repairing them etc.

Pitstop kits available:

Panic Attack Hypno-Disc Sgt Bash Matilda


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Radio Controlled Robots

These are robots which you can actually radio control using a radio controller hand set. You can move the robot forward, back, left and right. You can control its weapon and you can make the robot spin round doing its victory dance. The radio controlled robots are toys so you can't really have them bashing up things. They are quite big, about 30 cm long and 15 cm wide so don't expect it to be small. They are made of plastic. They do take quite a while to set up and adult supervision will be necessary for the putting in the battery bit and the charging bit. The battery does need 15 hours of charging prior to use and the robot will run for about an hour after that before it needs charging again. It can be really fun, radio controlling your own robot in your own house, just like having the real house robot in your own home! If you have two or three of the radio controlled robots, you can recreate battles! They are quite expensive, they cost about 50.

Radio controlled robots available:

Matilda Sir Killalot Shunt Growler

Radio Controlled Shunt

Radio Controlled Shunt

Radio Controlled Shunt

Pictures of one of the radio controlled toy robots - Shunt.

Remote Controlled Battlers

Sgt Bash and Tornado are available to buy as a remote controlled battler. The toys are radio controlled vehicles but when battled together, they become interactive. You have to knock off a "hotspot" on your opponent battler. Once this has been exposed and hit three times, the robot becomes immobilised and you are victorious.

Videos of Radio Controlled Shunt

Click on one of the below links to see some video clips of the radio controlled toy Shunt moving around, using its weapon and spinning in the victory dance. Right click on a link and click "Save Target As" to save the movie file to your computer. Go on, see radio controlled Shunt in action in the below movies! Please note that the video clips were made by me and are copyright me (that's your webmaster) but they are stored on a different server because the server used for this robot web site is now full so I had to look for a different server to use. Please be patient while waiting for them to download before you can watch them as unfortunately they may take a while downloading but they are good quality movie files. It's worth the wait - trust me! Enjoy them!


Sorry for the long download time for the above video clips but it is worth the wait and it pays off to be patient. Your patience is much appreciated! Please note that it may say connecting for a long period of time, don't worry, it is doing something and then it won't be too long before you see the clip so don't panic if it still says connecting after a long period of time, even after you come back from your cup of tea!


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Robot Wars Board Game

Yes, there is also a Robot Wars board game. It comes with a big board, cards, robot counters and loads of stuff. It is very hard to play and sometimes the instructions aren't very well written. I needed to send off for some more instructions on how to play it because I couldn't understand it the first time I played it and no one that I asked could understand it either! Anyway it is still a good game and very original too but it is quite expensive, it is 20.

The Robot Wars Board Game

The board game.


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DVDs and Videos

There are many Robot Wars DVDs and videos which I would give 10 out of 10! They are brilliant and any Robot Wars fan shouldn't be without them. The DVDs include "Sir Killalot and the House Robots Archive Footage" which gives you a behind the scenes tour of the BBC visual effects workshops and shows you all the house robots, how they were built, history of them, greatest battles, most embarrassing disasters, an interview with Chris Reynolds, a look at the two new house robots and a look inside each of the house robots. Other DVDs include archive collections of Hypno-Disc, Razer and Chaos 2. In these DVDs, archive footage is shown of battles, info about the robots is given and a chat to the team members responsible for building their robot is also shown in the DVD. You can also get a boxset which includes all of them in one big bundle. You can also get these DVDs to own on video format if you haven't got a DVD player at home. Also to own on video for about 10 is the World Championships video which shows you the entire 1st world championship of Robot Wars for you to own on video. Get them now!

DVDs and videos out now:

The Ultimate Warriors Collection: Razer
The Ultimate Warriors Collection: Chaos 2
The Ultimate Warriors Collection: Hypno-Disc
The Ultimate Archive Collection: Sir Killalot and the House Robots

Robot Wars DVDs

Picture of some of the available Robot Wars DVDs. The left one is "Sir Killalot and the House Robots". It is part of the Ultimate Archive Collection. The one on the right is "Razer" which is part of the Ultimate Warrior Collection.


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Robot Wars T-Shirts

As well as Robot Wars pajamas you can get T-Shirts for many different sizes. These include a T-Shirt with the classic Robot Wars logo on and other T-Shirts with house robots on including Sgt Bash, Sir Killalot and one with all the house robots on. There are many to show off that you are a Robot Wars fan. Some of the T-Shirts even say "Under Destruction" on the back! They come in kids small, kids large, adult small, adult medium and adult large, short and long sleeved. There are many different colours too. New ones are often coming out like ones with pictures and statistics of the new house robots on, Growler and Mr Psycho and ones with all of the house robots on.

A Robot Wars T-Shirt

A Robot Wars T-Shirt. This one shows all of the house robots on the front (well all of them when this shirt was made, there are more now). On the back there is "Under Destruction". There are many more Robot Wars T-Shirts available including a new one of Growler with his statistics.


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Battle Cards

The battle cards come in three different packs. You win the game by collecting all of the opponent's cards. The statistics for each robot on each card has been given. You declare a statistic from your top card. Then all the other players say the value for their robot for the same statistic. So, for example, you say "Weight 80kg" then all the other players say their statistic for weight and the player with the highest value wins all the players top cards. And the winner of that trick now gets a chance to say a statistic. The game continues like that declaring lots of values for lots of different statistics and the highest statistic wins the trick and collects all the top cards. The game continues like that until someone has won all of the cards and they are the winner.

Battle Cards

The battle cards.


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Computer/Game Console Robot Wars Games

Currently available to play:

  • Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem (for Game Boy Advanced)

  • Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction (for Game Boy Advanced)

  • Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction (for the PC and PlayStation 2)

  • Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction (for GBA, the PC and X-Box)

Robot Wars Arenas of Destruction

CD Cover for the Arenas of Destruction Robot Wars computer game.

Find out more about Robot Wars games in my article here.


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Robot Wars Books

Out now:

  • Robot Wars Technical Manual

  • Robot Wars Extreme: The Official Guide

  • Robot Wars Fun Fax

  • Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide

Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide Book

Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide book.


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Other Robot Wars Merchandise

Other Robot Wars products include a Robot Wars wallet, some black baseball caps, an A5 Robot Wars notepad, a multi-head tool, a Craig Charles signed photo, Robot Wars badges, a poster of the house robots, a Philippa Forrester signed cover and lots more miscellaneous stuff coming out all the time.

Other stuff worth getting:

  • Smash 'n' Crash Playset

  • Bedroom accessories (a duvet, valance and curtains)

  • Clocks and watches

  • T-shirts, nightwear, sweatshirts, anoraks, caps and phone covers

  • Toiletries

  • Remote Controlled Battlers

  • Growler Key Ring

  • Replica jackets worn by Craig and Philippa in the Sixth Wars.

  • Brainibot Kit (A robotic kit which is PC programmable. Basic electronics and soldering are required).


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Pullbacks - Excellent, you can pull them back and they go speeding forward. Excellent for recreating battles. Each one has moving weapons and it comes with accessories like the multi ball release. They could be cheaper because at 10 each, your money will be going down quite fast. They are excellent collectables and brilliant to display in your room as decorations. RATING: 10/10. They are superb!

Mini Bots - They are miniature versions of the pullbacks. They do pullback and whiz forward like the pullbacks but unlike them, they don't have many moving parts. They are only really good to have if you have the arena. RATING: 8/10.

Arena - Comes with pit and flipper as well as doors which can be opened and closed and also sound effects. Very easy to put together. RATING: 9/10.

The Gauntlet - A good idea but I can't see you wanting to play with it for long. The spikes are raised and lowered by pumping air in and out by you pressing a thing which pushes air through them. The pendulums can be swung from side to side. It does feel that it is missing something but it is still good. RATING: 6/10.

Robot Wars Board Game - It is a good and an original idea but it is very hard to understand how to play it and the instructions aren't very clear. It is expensive at 20 for a game you might not want to play again and again. RATING: 5/10.

Radio Controlled Toys - Quite big, they move fast and they are extremely fun to have especially the Shunt one because you can clean you room in seconds by pushing everything to the side. The weapons do move and are radio controlled too. You can radio control them to make them go forward, back, left, right, spin round very fast and to activate the weapon. It is hard to control and does take a while for you to get use to how to control it. They are 50 so if you aren't going to play with it much, don't buy it. It does need 15 hours of charging before you can play with it and the battery doesn't last long after that (about an hour) before you need to do more battery charging again. Sometimes, it isn't a very good design. It takes ages to unpackage it (taking all the stringy stuff off it holding it to the box) and then it takes ages to put the batteries into the robot because it is a very tight fit and then hard to get them out again after. Apart from all the fiddly parts with it, it is quite good. Oh yes, on Shunt, I have found that the antenna is bent a little so when you fire the axe down, it catches on the antenna pushing the antenna down - not a very good design! Oh well, still fun to have. RATING: 7/10.

DVDs and Videos - Excellent. No Robot Wars fan should be without them. Excellent information, highly entertaining and well put together. Get them now! RATING: 10/10.

Battle Cards - Game play is easy and you get the hang of it very quickly. A lot of fun can be had from these cards even though the game can go on a very long time! RATING: 9/10.

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Recommended to check out is the FEVA Robot Wars toy page of their website. This page gives you information on all the latest metal smashing, bot brilliant Robot Wars toys made by top toy designers FEVA.


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