• Manta

    Weight: 92kg
    Height: 40cm
    Length: 80cm
    Width: 70cm
    Speed: 20mph
    Year built: 2013
    Status: Active
    Weight class: Heavyweight
    Location: Gravesend, Kent, England

    Shell made of 4mm hardox.
    2 x Bosch motors running each on 750 watts. Also runs on 26v A123 batteries.
    Full pressure flipper powered by a very powerful pneumatic system.
    Has very immense flipping power in the weapon combined with having a good driver.
    Is a bit underweight making it flippable for a lot of other flipper robots.
    Team Shock
    Will Thomas, Ian Thomas and Lynn Thomas
    Manta is the second heavyweight robot built by Team Shock. It was built in 2013 in addition to Maelstrom after the success the team had had with it. It has become very successful to date, finishing runner-up in the 2013 European Championships and the 2013 UK Championships. It also finished 3rd in the 2014 UK Championships and won the Robot Wars 2013 Winter Tour. Manta's flipper is extremely potent amongst other UK competitors making it a force to be reckoned with.

    • Fighting Robots European Championships 2013 Runner-Up
    • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2013 Runner-Up
    • Robot Wars Winter Tour 2013 Champion
    • 3rd in Fighting Robots UK Championships 2014
    • Robots Live! - Whitwick 2015 Winner
    * 4th in Robot Wars World Championships 2015
    * Robot Wars - Guildford 2016 Runner-Up