The Fighting Robots Association is the governing body for robotic combat and competition. Featuring robots that have competed in Robot Wars, Battlebots, Technogames and others our members make up a strong community of roboteers dedicated to the sport.
    As a professional organisation established in 2003 we oversee the safety of the sport. In addition to maintaining rules for building, fighting and judging competition robotics we provide a community for our members including an online forum and website.


    Promotion and education of all things to do with robots, of all weights, shapes and sizes.
    To provide consistency with regard to open event safety, arenas and robot build rules.
    To centralise communications, in effect be a library of contacts and to promote the sport.
    To encourage the set up of regional meeting clubs, that are either part of the FRA or affiliated to the FRA.
    To endeavour to work with other countries associations for the betterment of our sport.
    To represent roboteer interests in negotiations with other bodies.
    To generally make the roboteers lot a better one.

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    Drive System Advice

    Motors can be undervolted as well as overvolted. Since 8S is ~30V it wouldn't be too drastic a reduction.

    RogueTwoRobots Today, 00:01 Go to last post

    Drive System Advice

    @Harry, I thought the Rage Bridge 2 input range was 8v - 40v? If only 8s can be supplied how would that work with 36v motors?

    Chez Yesterday, 23:17 Go to last post

    [FW] Tracked 4WD Lifter: Aegis

    Well, I know I haven't updated for a long time, but I really have been 'beavering' away in my spare time. Big thanks to Tim the Plumber for his help and

    R9000 Yesterday, 20:50 Go to last post

    Hard-OX Heavy Weight Shell

    Is it still for sale?

    Theo Yesterday, 19:28 Go to last post

    Power rails

    XT90 connectors work well up to 10AWG wire. They have a 'no spark' version that is ideal for battery connections.

    overkill Yesterday, 18:47 Go to last post

    Power rails

    Team RCC used EC5 for main connections, EC3 for motors (up to Bosch 750) and EC2 for solenoids, LED's and other low power applications.
    But we're

    maddox10 Yesterday, 18:38 Go to last post

    Strange question about my weird toolbox

    That's quite a good question IMHO. I have no idea what I'm doing as it'll be my first event.

    R9000 Yesterday, 18:16 Go to last post

    Strange question about my weird toolbox

    My "toolbox" is basically an old bedside set of drawers and its perfect for cramming all my random stuff in. If I come to the event in Manchester,

    daveimi Yesterday, 17:20 Go to last post