• Behemoth

    � Weight: 98.6kg
    � Height: 72cm
    � Length: 100cm
    � Width: 63cm
    � Speed: 12mph
    � Year built: 1998
    � Status: Active
    � Weight class: Heavyweight
    � Location: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England
    Mainly Titanium with Polycarbonate
    Its six wheel drive is powered by 2 Lemco LEM-130-95 motors, batteries are LiPO4 A123s.
    Front mounted pneumatic lifting scoop powered by low pressure pneumatics. The axe which appeared in Robot Wars has since been removed to allow weight to be used for increased strength of the scoop and lifting arms.
    Its speed and agility are its main advantage being combined with a very effective flipper. Six wheel drive is useful for pushing.
    Has a reputation for being unlucky in the past, especially in competitions where it appears as the favourite.
    Team Make Robotics
    Anthony Pritchard, Kane Aston
    Behemoth is a robot that has continued to fight on 16 years after its first ever appearance on Robot Wars in 1998, it was built in Hemel Hempstead near London by brothers Anthony & Michael Pritchard and their friend Kane Aston. Behemoth's best moments in Robot Wars have been reaching the semi-finals of Robot Wars series 2 and finishing as runner-up to Razer in the First World Championship, but suffered from bad luck from Series 4 onwards where it has been very unlucky in competition. Behemoth is in its eighth incarnation today as Evolution VIII with improvements to virtually every aspect of the design but maintaining much of the original machine.

    Most recently Behemoth was seeded sixth in the 2014 UK Heavyweight Championships and won the 2014 Tag Team Championship with The Saint.

    • Robot Wars - UK Series 2 Semi-finalist (199
    • Robot Wars - First World Championships Runner-Up (1999)
    • Robot Wars - Extreme 1 All-Stars Championship Quarter-finalist (2001)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 7 House Robot Rebellion Winners with Gravity (2003)
    * Roaming Robots - Red Nose Day 2003 Prettiest heavyweight award winner
    • Fighting Robots European Championships 2004 Runner-Up
    • 3rd in Fighting Robots UK Championships 2005 (Roaming Robots Winter Tour)
    • Robots Live! - Leicester 2006 Runner-Up
    • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2006 Finalist
    • Roaming Robots Winter Tour 2006 Champion
    • Robots of Destruction 2009 Champion
    • Robots Live! - Team Champions 2012 with Team Saints & Sinners
    • Fighting Robots - Winner of Most Outstanding Achievement Award 2012
    • Robot Wars - Portsmouth 2013 Finalist
    • Robot Wars - Colchester 2013 Finalist
    • Robot Wars Championship 2013 Runner-Up
    • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2013 Quarter-Finalist
    • Fighting Robots - Tag Team Champions 2013 (with Saint)
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