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Thread: buying a robot for £200

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    it would cost more that 200 quid

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    i could build you a robot, many people on this forum could. but you wouldn't learn as much/be proud of yourself as much than if you built your own from scratch.

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    All the info you need to make a robot is on this forum.

    I mean EVERYTHING! All you gotta do is search around for it. A good place to look is in the Build diaries, good photos of the insides of people's robots and their sequence of building. If you start your own build thread then people can help you while you make yours.

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    hi guys i have been busy today and think this is a good idea

    found on sight 250g battle antz full kit, rc kit 2.4GHZ, 6.0v battery, 6.0v charger
    found on sight 4speed double gearbox- Tamiya 70168, JCConcepts Goose Bumper Bumps Tire 3.0 Slash/ Slayer/SC10Green
    robotmarketpplzce is a USA Based so it is in dollars and will cost me a bit to ship to me in England

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    Those aren't really featherweight standard parts, and as the UK Antweight limit is 150g it's going to be very difficult to get them into an antweight could buy the Battle Antz kit and play with it at RR events but it's not going to be allowed in World Series or any other event that enforces the rules (and from experience they're far from competitive anyway despite the 100g advantage, hehe)

    Your best bet for a feather is really to build something yourself, with the parts available on the Robochallenge site it's not especially complicated or expensive, and as others have said you will learn far more from building a robot than buying one ready built. (the 'mini bots' kits look interesting, but I fear have the same drawbacks as the Battle Antz in being uncompetitive with actual antweights and too heavy)

    There aren't many shortcuts in this sport I'm afraid, but that's part of the fun and makes it so much more satisfying at the end

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    i disagree

    a battle ant is a super antweight (250g), the motors and gearbox will be too underpowered for a featherweight.

    here's what i'd suggest you buy to build a featherweight for under 200

    2x 12v drill motors - £20
    2x electronize 15 amp esc's - £65
    1x vapextech 12v 3300mah - £20
    2x robochallenge 100mm wheels with nut insert - £15
    hdpe - about £30 for a robots worth
    removable link powerlight screws etc - £10
    decent charger and power supply - £25

    total: £185

    charger wise i'd suggest investing in a decent multi charger such as this turnigy one, it's not the greatest but it's cheap and it'll charge a 12v ... ories.html

    and power supply: ... upply.html

    edit: you beat me to it harry, when i said i disagree it was to him not you.

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