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Thread: Autonomous Timer

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    5.5 Timeout
    In case of damage to components that remotely disarm the robot, the robot will automatically deactivate 4 minutes after being activated
    Ok so I get most of autonomous rules - the light, the remote disarm but this one I don't quite understand, at least to the respect of my intended application.

    A spinner or drive wheel lacking this sort of functionality could be devastating - but all I'm trying to do is link my srimech to a tilt sensor!
    Literally, the system is - if the bot is upside down, it activates the srimech.

    If this does stand, does anyone have a hardware circuit for this? Thanks
    Ceri Jenkins

    KAIZER- First bot on the ropes.

    Team Psychostorm Robotics
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    An inverter circuit hooked up to a bigger transistor might do the trick.


    Imagine that the switch is a tilt switch set up to be closed when the robot is the right way up. When it is closed the first transistor (left one) inverts this input to leave the second transistor (right one) off.

    However, when the robot is inverted the switch opens and turns on the motor to right the robot which will turn off when everything is the right way up again.

    Both transistors are npn but the second one will need to be a higher powered one to deal with the motor.

    This is severely limited though as it relies on some sort of arm that can continuously rotate to right the robot/a mechanism that can convert continuous rotation to a reciprocating or oscillating motion of the srimech arm.

    I'm feeling too lazy to come up with anything better that doesn't involve a micro controller which would be a much nicer solution than this.
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    Thank you for the effort and I do appreciate it but it was the Timer I was asking a hardware diagram for.
    Ceri Jenkins

    KAIZER- First bot on the ropes.

    Team Psychostorm Robotics
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    I should really read things properly before posting...

    But a 555 monostable with an electrolytic capacitor (higher capacitance) and a large resistor value has reliable timing up to about the 10 minute mark. Hook the output up to a relay or npn transistor which cuts the power to your weapon a bit over 5 mins after the start button is pressed.

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