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Thread: classic bot restorations

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    im already after it, thanks though harry

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    Quote Originally Posted by k_c_r
    Here's a nice little restoration for someone, most likely as a static display; ... 480wt_1139
    I think Jamie beat you to it Harry

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    ive almost got the thing

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    Did you get the additional photos you asked for?

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    So, the 60 million dollar question, Who is restoring The Stag?

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    not me, i need the cash in other places, and it doesnt limit me when it comes to HW building time

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    was tempted but it was far too far away and would require complete rebuild

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    By the way Tony scar is looking great! when do you think you'll have it finished?

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    Would be interesting to see if its someone putting it in a collection and leaving it as is or someone who plans to restore it.

    Cheers Jonny . I'm not sure when i'll have Scar finished, Jamie is coming up sometime after the upcoming AWS event to help me finish off Eric's wiring then he will be pretty much good to go (not in an arena, just to drive around a bit and lift some stuff) and then it'll be Scars turn again. It will depend on what parts we put in Eric as to what we have left for Scar but I have motors and either a fancy or basic ESC waiting to be installed. As for the weapon, not sure yet, probably just to get him going could make it a rotating lifter and maybe sometime get some Sgt Bash style jaws on the front.

    Eric is closer to completion though so will get done first, just to refit all the wiring and do a bit of modernising in other areas like convert him over from 40meg

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