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Thread: why are these weight classes are not more popular?

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    Ohh right, why is that?

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    because there was an accident with tanto jnr (middleweight) where it was fighting heavies and because it was half the weight it went twice as high and it came out of the arena or something.

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    This is Angel the Middleweight I was making It was to be another Saint type robot!

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    Ahh I see, that is a shame but safety first I suppose. Really you only need one complete middleweight to turn up to a Robots Live event and as Alan says, there would be a fight, which is at the very least a chance to see how well they go down. Also by the sounds of it a number of bits mentioned in the reduced budget/capability list would be usable in a heavy if it all falls on its face. I'd probably have a number of the bits needed to build one actually, I have motors, SLA's ESC's that will eventually go in Scar that would do it as well as all the stuff I can take out of the feathers.

    Do you think the likes of Jamie, Gary, Liam and ourselves (as well as any other Scots who fancy it) would fancy building a Team Scotland middleweight for RL Edinburgh?

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    I've thought about trying to build something for the heavier classes before but it was always a bit of a non-starter due to a lack of money, time, facilities and resources. That might change when I get my workshop set up but I think the biggest class I would go for is middleweights.

    Would be good fun doing that Tony
    But I'd not be able to contribute anything in time for RL Edinburgh; I thought there was tonnes of time but I've since realised there are only six weekends to go and I've got to get Carcinus and Grond built for then, while hopefully also repairing Drumroll to static spec. Fun fun
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    If you can get a couple to turn up, they are welcome to a fight. It wouldn't be a good idea to put Middles (especially if restricted) in with the heavies, at the end of the day they are never going to threaten a heavyweight and it has a risk with the 'super' flippers such as Kronic, IA ect.

    The idea would be to have these as there own class, where everybody starts on a level playing field, the restrictions would stop experienced teams coming in with basically condensed heavies and dominating. I know alot of peole want to get into heavies, but wheelchair motors and electric lifters are never going to cut it, Middles seem like the next best thing, and provides an ideal stepping stone into the heavies. A competitive middle could be built for a few hundred pounds, a heavyweight your looking 2 grand.

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    I know what you mean, would be pointless and pretty boring for drivers and spectators. I was thinking that with a Team Scotland that all of us are within an hour or so from a central point and between us we could probably build one for pretty much nothing from parts that can be borrowed from other machines, and held together by spare chunks or metal/plastic bits of turbine just like my featherweight .

    I know it is far too late in the day to be considering it but thought it would be funny, especially if we all collate and build our own respective bits and whack them all together in one afternoon before the show.

    Maybe next year

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    Well I have all the parts I would need to build a basic middleweight bar the speed controllers. Got a couple 13Ah hawkers, some wheel box units I made for my first heavyweight that use the iskra 800w motors and enough material to make up a chassis i'm sure. Just never really had the drive to bother making anything with them. Wouldn't mind trying to build a kinetic energy axe (flywheel stores energy, transfers it into an axe) for a laugh.

    What date is it in june again?

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    just seen it's the 19th, might be pushing it but i'm sure we could throw something together if you were up for it tony and Jamie?

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    I would be Gary Sounds like you have most of the bits sorted anyway. I'm away the weekend before EL Edinburgh but other than that my weekends are flexible for availability.

    The ESC's i'm on about are those ones I spoke to you on Facebook about, 4QD NCC-35's and a control unit,pile of wires etc. Jamie had a read through the 4 or 5 manuals that came with them I think so he should be able to tell us how they work . Don't know if they would work on those motors or not, you may know better than I.

    Kinetic energy axe sounds pretty funny too, much better than another £$%^&*($%^&*%^&*(^% flipper

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