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Thread: why are these weight classes are not more popular?

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    we could see a MW revolution

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    i plan too, when i have the spare cash

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    lw would be an easier jump for featherweight builders and it might be possible for spinner events to happen at robochallenge. to me middleweights are a costly investment that i might never be able to fight, this is why i haven't built one yet. lightweights would be alot cheaper to build and could be easily changed back to a featherweight if the weight class didn't take off. the main appeal of lightweights to me is if spinners are allowed, if they aren't then i don't really see a future for the lightweight class as people would just make featherweights but with bigger and more powerful parts aswell as tougher armour.

    just wanted to see what peoples opinions were on lightweights as they haven't been discussed yet

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    you do have a point jonny, if LW spinners were alowed then i think we could see that class being much more popular. ye its not as larger jump for FW builders, but its still a large jump from LW to HW

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    I agree with Jamie, lightweights are too close to feathers. I doubt the spinners would be allowed, as it would be a case of using a feather drive, but with an extra 12kg into the weapon. Middles are a good weight for people wanting to move on from feathers into heavies, but don't have the budget/skills.

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    It's more the thing now of we need to find people who are willing to build them

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    would be willing to build but i dont really see the point coz fw arte so much popular u wouldent get a fight and as harry nose me and my dad could build a hw,lw,mw,aw and we have 8 grand to use for them

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