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Thread: Cicatrix Build Diary

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    I run an XXL in Cicatrix and its so smooth compared to the BotBitz ESC's in the kits even though its not an official XXL. Albeit they're the 25A versions of the BotBitz but we'll see what happens. I've ordered a set of both anyway, as one will get used in Rover. Voltage wise I may be pushing the BotBitz ones a bit high at 24v nominal too.

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    Good call Max, i'll give it a try tomorrow although I have a feeling I already tried that. Can't hurt to do so again

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    The BotBitz are rated to 6S which when fully charged are 25.2V so should be fine. If they get hot consider some additional cooling.

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    Not a bad event really, Cicatrix qualified for the top 18 and Usain Bot missed qualifying by 1 point. Always good to catch up with the robot crew as time/money don't let us attend too often. Cicatrix will still be competing at Scot-Bots event and events that I don't have anything else ready for but really its a solid machine, no repairs made all weekend, but really want to compete with robots with a weapon in future.

    Slight bit of damage on the front of Cicatrix' scoop from Binky:

    Hopefully i'll have Eric Jr2 running for Edinburgh and get a chance to run it properly, not even too sure if I want a FP flipper as it'll only come out on special occasions but will try it at Edinburgh and go from there. Will get a bottle for it over the next few weeks and make sure I can fit the shell on then it'll be a matter of waiting for June for a test.

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    5/6mm mild steel

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    Has been very quiet on here, but this is what's been keeping me busy:

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    Jamie and I have finally got around to fully R/C-ing the Dalek since I last showed my face on here, Gimson actuator on the front wheel. Can be fairly easily taken off if we ever want control from inside the machine, next step is to R/C up the water gun and voice box. Easy to do, but getting the time to do it is the difficult part when both of us are in the process of moving house away from our workshops!

    Sorry, a bit blurry:

    Close up of the mechanism:

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    Just a shame I didn't account for lateral movement of the actuator when making the mount

    Got a picture from the other week. Positional feedback and a faster actuator would be more desirable but this will do for now:

    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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