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Thread: ebay links

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    Wtf!!! Kill it!

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    If anyone is desperate

    Bosch 1HP 750W GPA 24V DC motor 7.25" loco

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    My offer of £5.57 was declined

    Could build a nice heavyweight with that cash instead.

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    Titanium Plate on Ebay

    Seems like a sizable lump of grade 5 for only £40! 18mm would make a rather nice disk for a feather. I believe the same seller also has a longer thinner bar type of the same thickness.

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    I thought someone may be interested in these wheels and motors, they are pick up only
    and a long way from me otherwise I would be interested-wheels look pretty chunky-
    they look like they need lots of TLC

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    Another Item caught my eye on Ebay, a ready made tracked chassis for a heavyweight
    for £200 its got to be a bargain.

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    Iisting removed but is it this one

    If so i went and Looked at that and trust me its not worth no more than £50
    All wheels siezed and a POS. Its really small and the track rubbers are scrap
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    Mech Jamie?? :P

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