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Thread: ebay links

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    £70 for a foam hand :O

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    I'll sell you a Robots Live one for £65

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    I never went to RW recordings, but based on what I saw on television, the foam hands with the RW logo and that said PIT on them didn't have the five fingers spread out; it was always the one finger pointing up, kinda like the Robo Challenge one (and I'm assuming the Robots Live one. Sorry Alan, never bought one :P)
    Forgetting my suspicions that it's a fake for a moment, £70 is ridiculous, even for a 'collector's item'
    And I'll be mega-annoyed if that Bosch motor goes for £60, seeing as I was selling mine at ~£15. Description says it's a 12V 750W motor, picture is of a 400W motor. Tornado and Hypno never used that motor from what I've saw, although Choas 2 did. I claim that to be a mis-leading ad

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    Nothing wrong with that Adrian, just can't believe some of the prices :P

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    Anyone looking for a low-cost, old heavyweight to give some TLC to? ... _657wt_930

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