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Thread: ebay links

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    OMG that thing is SOOO old skool! I love it!

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    Might put the Chaos 2 front flipper on ebay and see what people bid :P

    I'm prob the only person who has one

    £1000 anyone?

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    Someone selling some robot bits...

    4QD's ... trolled_JN

    He's also got a bosch 400 (advertised as a 750) and some go-kart bits and loads of toys etc.. im guessing he was going to make a heavyweight at one point and lost interest..

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    this guy seems to have a few old trophies aswell lol

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    Got to be fake though... Can't see Razer selling the first world champs trophy?

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    Considering that every robot wars trophy I've seen (I should know, I won a fair few ) has robot wars written on it before the title and I can't see george francis selling up his 4th season trophy for less than a tenner and the razor guys aren't gonna sell theirs either. Complete and utter fakes

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    just read this

    Q: is it the one and only true original?
    A: Hi No it was made by Logistix to go with the 5 inch pull back and go range. If it was an original one from the TV series I would be keeping it myself as it would be worth loads. I have never seen an original in 2 years of beeing a Robot Wars specialist

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    Wonder who it is selling all this stuff :s anyone know?

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    Yeah I thought for a second they were the actual trophies, but then realised they're just plastic accessories to go with the toys.

    Seems to be someone who's stocked up on the toys and other bits of merch when they were for sale and hasn't opened them, therefore still in 'mint' condition. But the prices for some of the items are ridiculous in my eyes, and just searching 'robot wars' will bring up many other listings for much cheaper. I've even seen three or four Dantomkia pullbacks on there which are meant to be the rarest of the rare; I reckon our forum user list isn't the only thing benefiting from the Dave repeats.

    EDIT: He says:
    I have never seen an original in 2 years of beeing a Robot Wars specialist
    Can't be much of a specialist then if he completely missed the Pinball trophy that one of the Gemini team put up for sale a short while back
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

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