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Thread: Psycho Slicer

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    New Feather weight robot I'm building, will take the place of my first ever robot Psycho Fling in my fleet of robots. I have been meaning to plan and build this axe bot for many months now and have only recently been sorting parts and ideas


    Weight: hope under 13.6kg
    Drive: Most probably 18volt drill motors and 75mm blue wheels
    Drive Speedo: RS80D
    Batteries: 16.8v+ Nimhs
    Weapon Power geared down Scooter motor (most Probably)
    Axe: Big axe think the head weighs 1.8kg
    Armour: 1.8 ti for front back and sides, 6mm HDPE tops
    Base: 6mm Ali (probably)

    I have started on the CAD work and I'm liking the shape of it all, but still got some work to do

    I will post pics of CADs and logo soon


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