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Thread: Robots on Gadget show NOW

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    Put your TV to channel 5 NOW to see Robo Challenge in action

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    I saw the first couple of minutes, but I missed the rest, any links to the show would be great!

  4. #4 ... GadgetShow

    Demand Five has it, just play episode 7.

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    Or go to the bottom of this page: ... el_5..html

    That video has just the robot challenge stuff so it's quite good if you don't want to watch the rest of the episode and want to avoid all the ads on Demand Five.

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    Thanks, I couldn't view anything on the FIVE website because I'm in Spain, it says it's for UK audiences only.

    Watching now

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    I just saw Storm II and Sewer Snake in the Gadget show on Discovery Science.

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    got a link to the episode? i aint seen that one

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