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Thread: What happened to Hypno-disc

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    Does anyone know what happened to hypno-disk the team were going to come back for sereis 8 of robot wars but the show got cancelled does anyone know what happened to it?

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    after the 8th wars got canceled the rose's just took it back to the garage, it went to a few live events on display but after that they retired it, i think theywere to buy to continue the sport after that, i belive its still in their garage (correct me if im wrong) but i dont think they scrapped it, could you?

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    couldnt scrap that not bad for a 3 year olds designing

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    What happened was I banged it so hard out of the arena that its never come back. LOL

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    When was that? can't remember

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    Extreme 2 All Stars I think.

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    No it was Extreme 2 Challenge belt.

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    Ah yeah that was it, it was Dominator 2 and Spawn Again in the All Stars and Hypno Disc just broke down.

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    i saw on youtube some video from 2007 of hypno-disc destroying a photocopier has anyone else seen it?

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    Yep its called Why Hypno-Disc should'nt work in an office

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