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Thread: UK Kilobots - 1.362kg (3 lbs) Combat Robots

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    Hi, As some people already know we have decided to start up a 1kg weight class. This will be open to robots from 0g-1000g. The FRA does not currently have any rules for robots of this weight class so we are going to follow the featherweight and above rules, This means all robots will need a removeable link, a power light, sharp edge protection, a cradle, a locking device on all weapons and robots must failsafe. Robots will need to be tech checked before the are allowed to battle. Robots with spinning weapons will be tech checked on the bench as usual but the spinning weapon will be tested in a secure arena.

    Im building an arena. The arena can be either a 2000mm X 2000mm battle box or a 1500mm x 1500mm arena using a removable 50mm high internal wall leaving a 250mm out of the arena zone. The arena floor will be 1000mm from the ground and the arena roof will be 800mm above the arena floor. There isnt currently any FRA guidlines to follow for an arena for 1kg robots so I have gone way over the top on the specs. A featherweight arena that allows spinneres requires 10mm polycarb on the walls and 5mm polycarb on the roof. Im going 10mm on the walls 10mm on the roof. Here are some of the specs:
    Arena Frame 30mm x 30mm x 3mm steel box section
    Arena Floor 4 1000mm x 1000mm x 3mm steel plates
    Internal Wall 50mm x 5mm Steel
    Arena Wall 10mm Polycarb with 100mm x 5mm steel around the bottom
    Arena Roof 10mm Polycarb
    Wall Frame 40mm x 40mm x 3mm steel Angle
    Roof Frame 40mm x 40mm x 3mm steel Angle with 75mm x 5mm brace

    For now we wont have any arena hazards, we will let people suggest hazards once the arenas done and see what the most popular ones are. I was going to go for the traditional arena flipper and pit with a house robot, but maybe you guys fancy a change, maybe a spinning bar or a pneumatic hammer or rotating sections of floor or pneumatic spikes or a crush zone.

    Theres a few people interested in building robots in this weight class at the moment and we hope to get alot more people interested. You can enter with anything 1kg or less, Even if its a few antweights as a cluster, Or even just an antweight. Theres 3 of so far just using antweight drive systems so if you did have a cluster of ants you wouldnt be completely overpowered by the heavier robots.

    This weight class was made just as a bit of fun, Bit of an odd weight class but it should be fun. It started off just me Kenny and Calum talking about it we decided we were going to build the robots within 1kg and have an arena to fight in. Then after talking about it a few big group chats on msn more people became interested. Anyone else interested?

    Try keep all kilo posts in this thread, so your build diaries, specs, questions and general kilo chat all in here.


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    Nice idea guys, I may well throw something together over the next wee while.

    Just want to put an idea to you in terms of arena design/hazards.
    It's been well discussed before that the development of the technology and armour etc can often lead to robot combat becoming a bit dull after the initial development phase. As this is a new class (in the UK at least) it will definetly be interesting in terms of diverse designs to begin with but once everyone's realised what armour is best and what motors can provide the most powerful drive-to-weight ratio etc, the ability to cause visual damage may be lost leading to it becoming less interesting to the viewer. Things such as the recent Active Weapons proposal discussion were intended to try and make a positive change in terms of combat and to make it more exciting to watch. It was clear from that thread that implementing such a rule in an already established weight class was not popular.

    But what my suggestion is (and it's only a suggestion, feel free to disregard it) is to implement a creativity-inducing environment right from the outset to prevent the robots from developing into ground-scraping flippers and wedges. You could design your arena in such a way that it promotes ingenuity in design and different weapon types. For example, having several levels to your arena would encourage people to build their robots with greater ground clearance in order to go up ramps/steps. Making the floor of the arena rough and bumpy would discourage the superflat wedges and so on. You could still have your spinners and your flippers but it would perhaps give more of an advantage to the less-popular weapon types such as grab-and-lift bots or all-terrain digger-type designs. It could even be designed like model railways, in so much as the arena environment is a miniature representation of a real-life location (quarry, oil-rig etc - yes I'm just plundering ideas from Arenas of Destruction ). With your artistic ability Tom, I'm sure you could make it look fantastic.

    But like I said, this is just an idea.
    You could always just go for a flat floor
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    How about something like the US sportsman class?

    30-lb Sportsman Class1. A 30-lb robot may be entered in the €œSportsman€ class if it complies with the additional rules in this section. Any 30-lb robot may be entered in the €œstandard€ 30-lb class.
    2.2.1. Intent. The intent of the Sportsman Class is to encourage novel designs and driving ability. The focus of this class is fun and creativity, not the annihilation of your opponent. Robots must comply with both the letter and spirit of these rules to qualify for this class.
    2.2.2. Active Weapon Required. Sportsman class robots must have an active weapon. This is defined as a weapon or device intended for use in attacking the opponent, independent of the robot drive train. These include but are not limited to lifters, hammers, clamps, flame weapons and spinning weapons (within the limitations specified in 2.2.3)
    2.2.3. Limitations on Spinning Weapons. Spinning weapons [are allowed] at this event. [Enter any additional restrictions or explanatory text regarding limitations here.] If allowed, weapons that can rotate continuously are permitted if and only if the edge/tip velocity does not exceed 500 surface feet per minute (SFM). Weapon SFM will be determined by tachometer prior to the start of the event using this formula:
    SFM = RPM * πD
    Flywheels and other spinning parts internal to the robot are allowed without limit, but may not act directly as weapons. For example, a flywheel-powered
    1 The €œSportsman Class€ was introduced by the Northeast Robot Club (NERC) in 2006. The RFL rules are based on the original NERC rules and incorporated with the permission of NERC. ( ).
    Robot Fighting League 2010 Rules
    30 September 2009
    Copyright 2003-2009 Robot Fighting League
    Robot Fighting League 2010 Rules
    hammer or axe would be legal if the weapon arm did not move more than 360 degrees.
    2.2.4. No Wedges. A €œwedge€ is any part of a robot that in any position is capable of elevating a flat sided box with ¼€ of ground clearance more than ½€ off the floor simply by sliding the wedge under the box when the robot in question is in any €œnormal€ driving positions e.g. with its wheels on the floor. Large plates extending from the robot that are flat or nearly flat to the floor are not allowed. Other static devices which have the purpose of removing the opponent€Ÿs wheels from the arena floor are not allowed.
    2.2.5. Lifting, Flipping and Grabbing Weapons. An articulated €œspatula€, parallel to the floor is allowed, provided that:
    ï‚· It complies with the €œno wedge€ rule (2.2.4) and
    ï‚· It is no more than ¼ the width of the robot (as measured across the wheels at their widest point) and
    ï‚· It extends no more than 6€ from the front edge of the robot.
    2.2.6. Excessively Destructive Weapons. Weapons deemed too destructive by virtue of their mass, MOI or other characteristics may be further limited or disallowed at the discretion of the event. Please contact the event organizer concerning your design to avoid problems.
    2.2.7. Standard RFL Rules Apply. Unless otherwise stated, all other standard RFL rules will apply. This includes walkers and their weight bonuses. However, a walker that uses the weight bonus for a spinning (or other) weapon that is too destructive will be disqualified.
    From the RFL ruleset, 30lb sportsman class section.

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    Kenny's Avatar

    am i missing summit or have you just put the featherweight class up? 30lb is feather here,

    i also agree with jamie on a unlevel floor

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    I meant sportsman class style (with limitations on wedges etc).

    Sorry, didn't make that very clear

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    My thinking in regard to that is that it would be more difficult to implement at a featherweight level. Why? Well currently the main class of featherweight is already pretty busy.

    I believe at RR and RL events the feathers are limited to two fights per show, and Robo Challenge events are usually going full pelt trying to get 40 feathers all whittled down and fighting. Trying to fit another featherweight class in there would be extremely difficult. I imagine it would be easier to do that with a small weight class such as kilobots as the turnaround time for fights would be much quicker.

    But if you're talking about using Sportsman Class style rules for the kilobots, then in my eyes that could be a very good idea.
    (EDIT: Yep I see that's what you were meaning )
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    Ye thats a good idea I think Jamie. We can drill and tap the floor, change it around all the time. Sometimes having uneven floor and obsticals, somtimes just robot wars style etc.
    This is why I wanted other peoples suggestions, Rather than just building it how one person wants it I can get a load of input and see whats most popular and what stands out most.

    We would like to try encourage people to have an active weapon, Or somthing a bit unique, a bit more fun rather than just an arena full of boxes pushing each other.

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    might be good to do the gauntlet aswell like off robotwars

    a flame pit mabye? i wouldn't like getting barbequed personally but would look cool anyhow, but you'd have to have vents in the poly etc or the box would all fill up with fumes lol

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    We would like to try encourage people to have an active weapon, Or somthing a bit unique, a bit more fun rather than just an arena full of boxes pushing each other.
    Flamethrowers!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
    Although I dunno how well you could fit a safe one in 1kg. So maybe not a good idea.

    Probably safer with Calum's flamepit - no weight limit to worry about there. I think we need flames to some degree in UK combat
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    I like this. The one issue I always had with ants was the 4 inch cube rule, which meant some of my more original ideas were impossible to build and I often just ended up with another wedge, cos I knew I could get it in the box.
    Though I like that rule in ants, cos it keeps the competition element interesting, but sometimes I just thought I'd like to have a full combat version of ants, with none of the out of the arena in 2 seconds fights that the current antweight rules mean happen.

    I reakon there's an easy way to stop people building boxes and wedges, and that is don't have a pit or a push out zone, and maybe only a small bit where people can be thrown out the arena.. I don't think banning any robot without a weapon is the way to go, there are ways around this, like having a little servo axe or summit and just using a wedge. Plus I believe if someone wants to build a wedge, they should be allowed to. But if you make it so the arena doesn't favour pushbots in any way, then less people will want to build them.

    They're my two cents. I like the idea and I'd probs deffo have a go if it gets up and running.

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