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Thread: UK Kilobots - 1.362kg (3 lbs) Combat Robots

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    Just a question about the active weapon rule. My current plan is to build a thwackbot not dissimilar to Dave Weston's ant 'Four Inch Nails'. Would this be allowed under the active weapon ruling? (I know. There's always one awkward person)

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    Its only encouraged you have an active weapon. If you make somthing unique it will be ok. Like if there was a mini saint I know nobody would be complaining or any good thwackbot. We just dont want boring wedges and push bots, If its a full body hammer or thwack bot that would be ok. We wanna see damage.

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    we are thinking of drilling and tapping the floor and putting dome head bolts in so can have different surface's and also later maybe a second floor in a assault course , maybe the comps could be done a fight then assault course where the robots can be mod'd anyway like taking things off to reduce weight to get over ramps etc, then a fight after on a points base system

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    right, spent the last couple of hours failsafing my flamethrower, made the base, mounted batts, rx etc, just need the servos and il be done

    as for the arena, how bout side walls that drop down after 2 mins? and a spinning disk in the center?


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    im for kennys idea, could be stuff like sumo aswell and football in teams of 2 or 3 using a ping pong ball

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    Once arenas done we can mod it as much as we want. Cost on a small arena like this is quite low. All steel sections came to just over 200 quid then floor plates were just under 100. Polycarbs the expensive bit.
    Ill start fabricating next week some time.

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    will this run at events (rc, rr and rl) or have its own event (like aws, rrc or rfrc ) ?

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    I imagine that will depend on how the current event organisers feel about this weight class, or if they can fit it in. Most of RR, RL and RC's shows are already extremely busy and fitting in fights for another weight class in their standard 2-hour show slots could be difficult. I guess it would also depend on how this new weight class is to be viewed. For example, these machines could be fought during the breaks between shows at the major events if there is more focus on having fun with kilobots than attracting a viewing audience. These could also possibly form part of the Saturday night entertainment at two-day events especially if the smaller arena can be moved about quite easily.

    Alternatively they could also work out very well as their own event, like AWS or RRC etc. If you view videos of similar-sized robots in the US, there are often large crowds in attendance so there could possibly be a good draw of audience members if this weight class had its own events, even if it is just people from the local neighbourhood or community. Having them at their own event could also ensure the machines are working to the best of their ability; for example if these were running at an RR event, a competing team could already have one or two heavyweights, two featherweights and possibly even a Battle Rat (another class that will be needing showtime at RR events) to keep running and the little kilobot may get neglected and not be in full competitive state for the kilobot battles.

    So, in summary, I haven't actually given a decisive answer to your question (nor is it my decision) but hopefully it's food for thought
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    we arn't really bothered bout putting events on its just something what we can make a bot for and have some fun and if EO's wanted us to bring it along thats np

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