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Thread: Schools Clubs

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    Hi there,
    You mentioned our club that we run at school (I run it with Will from team Shock and Adam from team Inferno). At the moment we aren't building robots, that's scheduled for later on, possibly next term. We are currently building rockets, since it's a generic science and engineering club. We tried making FWs last year, but then realised that that was not a good idea, although two did get finished! This year we're planning something different...
    I'll talk to the others, and work out when we are going to do robots of some form, so that we can try to coincide with any planned competition.

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    you mentioned my schools robotic and sciences club, this is a relativly new club that has evolved from a small group at my house to a dt room at crists school with bandsaws and vacume formers etc etc we are just starting out but already gaining respect from people, wel kep you posted

    @ alex, may i sugest antweights?

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    Jack, antweights are in the ideas pool, with a number of other possibilities.

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    In theory I could start one at my school but it would really be quite useless as I have absolutely no experience at building fighting robots.

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    from my experiance antweights work great with a group of 5-15 as they are small, cheap, and easy too build.

    oh and btw alex, i met you at guildford, i was the guy who said blitz looked like tiny toon :P


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    Blitz does look a bit like Tiny Toon, but I can only dream of it working so well!

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    I know that I could build a robot. It's just that I currently have no actual experience at building one (yet) and me trying to teach people how to build a robot can only end badly.

    What I should have probably said was I should gain some building experience and then start a club.

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