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Thread: Swannys Bar

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    fantastic, 20 in a row? That will be a good warm up for a night on the town!

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    every now and then i might post on here as an imposter to make interesting reading that might get me out of punishing you all

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    stu's Avatar

    Will the real Shane Swan please stand up!

    Mr Stu

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    UH OH, Shane not be happy that your invading his thread.

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    elisabeth i call that stuff the potion. or is that the stuff maddox drinks that you also fuel rockets with. i like the words dominate and mistress so bring her on who ever she is. as for everyone else who has decided to invade my thread you will all be punished. god i think this is gonna cost me.

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    oh ....audrey.....i dont know which is playing a fool and posting on every thread or you copying it. you i think will have to be specially punished. mabee with a full weekend on the lash should sort you out. :P

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