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Thread: Team Orr's new creations...

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    got the old satanix working today, well we had some controll XD the wheels were spinning franticly and i managed to get them to go backwards and forwards at quite some speed we managed to get a bit more controll b4 the battery died just need a link now

    oh, and we made a trolly for the feathers

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    Sounds sweet.

    What battery does the old Satanix have?

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    im not sure kody, i only got motors, wheels and a shell (ta dave ) i got the esc and battery from tom (aka muchalucha) and the rx from one of my ants, need the lid to arrive from dave befor i can do much more structualy, electronicaly wise its looking good, few bugs to sort out but it should be running in some form at RL reading.

    oh yeah it needs a name, any ideas? been looking at things with ORR (as in team orr) like orrion (heavy) and orrganic ( beatleweight)

    in other news:

    new antweight walker is in the build, its called christian scott-donkey ( jeremy clarkson refrence lol ) complete with nodding head


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    Truth Orr Consequences?

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    Hell Orr Consequences...

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    Orrptimus Prime
    Truth Orr Dare (I'm not copying Joey at all :P)
    Sheer Orrsomeness
    No Orrdinary Robot
    One Raging Robot (O.R.R.)

    Umm, that's as far as my creativity is going at the moment
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    urm...:P nice

    iron orr
    ian orr :P
    ant orr death

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