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Thread: Test video

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    the drive motors are reasonably powerful, it was strugling to move that monster truck around because its got 4 big gripy wheels and its on my bedroom carpet, if you see that other fw robot in the back ground of the video, i tried getting it in the claws aswell and i could pull it about everywhere, as for the grip when i grabbed the same robot and i could pick up my robot and carry it about and the other robot stays in the claws and goes with it. but yeah a decent grab rather than crush.

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    heres an updated picture of pinsor at long last.

    after over a month of me not being able to do anything else to it because of other stuff and from me recovering from my operation i've spent the whole of today getting more of it done

    all the insides are mounted like the speedo, the switcher etc i just need to buy another transmitter and reciever and 2 more 8.4 volt batteries to go into the front, then drill lots of holes and make the armour then its fully finished

    there will be another video comming soon aswell.
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    after what has been a struggle with space inside the robot for parts, and a massive punch to the stomach of my bank account, pinsor is now finished a full day before the event im taking it to, not as good as garys record but its a first for me to not have to finish it the morning before.

    its a bit over weight- nothing major thoough when i get the time ill drill loads of holes in it.

    today all i've got to do is finish cycling its batteries and I should be keeping my eye on it but its like watching paint dry-- ill just go on a bit of cod 5 with the newmap pack thats came out.

    theres was a bit of a worry at one point due to the fact that my speed controller in its specs couldn't take the number battery cells and voltage im using but woody has advised me that it should be fine- fingers crossed

    heres some pictures
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    any armour going on the top of that robot ???????

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    no lol im just going to use it with the charger sat on top:P

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    heres a couple of videos from the space center, on saturday. got a few good fights, and a couple of one on ones with my robot TJ2 and annihilation, ended up both beating each other once managed to get it on its side against the side wall the first time. then the second time i underestimated the power of their drive and i got rammed onto a parked up merlin and my robot suddenly broke had 2 4 way fights with TJ2, explosion, db5 and annihilation , managed to not get flipped by it the first fight and got it against the side wall a few times but TJ2 went flying twice in the next one, still a fun day though.

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