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Thread: Robot Wars TV Presenters

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    i wouldnt mind seeing craig charles being back but hes had 2 much stuff up his nose to be on a kids tv program

    but i dont really know who i would pick will have to see what others come up with

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    Once I got accustomed to the accent, I quite liked Jayne Middlemiss as a pit reporter, no Philippa Forrester certainly but she seemed to fit in well. Richard Hammond would be a popular choice, hes in everything at the moment! Not sure if he would be loud enough though, although I am basing that on Craigs style of presenting it. Hammonds got a quieter presenting nature, with the way he often delivers his lines being what people enjoy.

    Lisa Rogers could make quite a good pit reporter now that I think about it. Shes got the brains and understanding of it from working on Scrapheap and certainly doesnt fail the looks criteria. Robert Llewellyn could even be a possible presenter option - hes easily contactable through his popular Youtube channel and seems really down to earth but crazy enough (in a positive way) to present a show in which we build machines to kill each other (or each others machines even!)
    Jamie McHarg
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    i think philppa forrester towards the end of her time on robotwars was really rude to the roboteers, like the time when in the university challenge when behemoth unfortunatly lost due to the link, you could tell the behemoth guys were a little up set and angry and shes just sayin all this stuff, if i was them i would have shouted at her to shut up because she was even annoying me and i was just watching it

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    I have to agree with a lot of what Jamie says actually...Craig Charles would probably still be good for it, he did a very good job of things prior to going slightly mad somewhere around the first Extreme, but Robert Llewellyn did a really good job of Scrapheap Challenge and would be great for the role as well if it came back. As for pit reporter, as long as they have half a clue about what the robots do (Philippa was good at this, the others...less so...and please to all the gods that there may be, no Carmen Electra ) I dont care whether its someone totally unknown or even Brian Blessed

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    sorry to disagree with you joey but if your saying that philippa had an idea about what the robots did, i remember her saying that she thought the back of thor was the front when its obviously wasnt, not to mention her saying that firestorm against panic attack was an evenly matched fight :S

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    If Craig's willing to return to Red Dwarf 10 years after its cancellation, them maybe, just maybe, he'll be willing to come back to Robot Wars in 2013.

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