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Thread: PTT - Regeneration

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    Awesome fight Steve. w00t to Frank and to the Bore 2.

    Right. Gonna avoid Achilles since attacking it seems kinda futile. Dunno what Alex M&W is gonna do, and since Paul is gonna attack me, I'll attack him straight back. :P With my greater power I should be able to slide his own weapon and toss him. Flank Attack won't really be able to grab onto me or Achilles due to our sloped sides, so I won't be bothered with it until after Nitro-Gene's gone. Then I'll smack it around with Achilles.

    And a note to Paul: Seung Mina 'tis a 'she'. Go play Soul Calibur, or at least read up on it, lol

    And yes, I e-mailed most of the above to Steve already. XD

    As for the other fight, I think Infusion will go through with Back to Rock III.

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    Ooh, shiny new forum.

    I'm off with some mates to the Highlands tomorrow and won't be back until Monday, but before I go, I think we've got time to kick off our next Heat.

    HEAT C
    ROUND 1
    BATTLE 1

    (Represented by Alex Holt)
    Hail the conquering hero! Upgraded since its hypothetical domination of PTT5, Achilles is back again to defend its title and prove its victory was no accident. The champ remains a toughened box-wedge with skirts and a rounded rear, only it is now lower and more compact, with the wedge also rounded to help deflect spinners. The weaponry remains unchanged - a rear-hinged flipping arm with two different set-ups, hydraulic or pneumatic. The hydraulic mechanism includes a small crushing claw to grapple opponents and uses a Vivoil pump to tip up to 400kg with ease. The pneumatic mechanism includes a small T-shaped bar as an additional srimech and uses a CO2 canister running at 1000psi for high-powered hurling. Throw in two Eteks running at 48v, a skid-steer system for the four wheels and a mixture of titanium and polyurethane rubber armouring and it appears Alex has got the makings of greatness all over again. The lack of damaging weaponry has cost it dearly before, though, and high top speeds of 18mph could well be Achilles' Achilles' heel.
    IN PTT3: pitted by Tornado in the second round
    IN PTT4: lost its Heat Final to the Crashing Bore in a ridiculously tight 28.5-28 decision.
    IN PTT5: series champion, defeating the likes of Voltronic, Spawn Again, Automatic Schmuck, MDU3 and Hell Machine.

    For this fight, Achilles will be using its pneumatic set-up for the flipper.

    (Represented by Alex McWilliams)
    Named after the military term for an attack on an enemy's sides, Flank Attack is hoping to quite literally divide and conquer in its first ever PTT. This wide, invertible cuboid is armed with a static front scoop and a huge pair of horizontal crushing arms. The 'Tough as Nails' look is clearly popular this year. The arms are powered by a single hydraulic ram, giving each pincer nearly three tonnes of crushing power, and are hinged on a single point to create even \i{more} pressure as the jaws close. I know I have the sudden urge to retreat, I don't know about you. Flank Attack is one of the toughest robots out there, with up to 15mm titanium protecting its precious innards, and with top speeds of 21mph, it can outmanouevere even the most terrifying tank. This does make it harder to control, however, and its two wheels are vulnerable to airstrikes. Will Flank Attack sweep the battlefield or be swept \i{off} the battlefield?

    (Represented by Paul Cuomo)
    Nitrogen is the main component of our atmosphere; Nitro-Gene sends its opponents in\i{to} the atmosphere! This newcomer is a low skirted box with tapered sides and a flat front just right for pushing matches. The main weapon is a rear-hinged flipping arm, one of the few to be powered by full-pressure nitrogen (hence the name). The flipper is made of 4mm Hardox with a thick titanium wedge and operates at 1000psi, geared to produce fifteen flips per fight and 1600kg of force at the tips. That's enough to throw an opponent over 11ft up and away with one shot! Paul's star machine can also run upside-down in case the flipper fails and even become a competant rammer, with 3.25mm monocoque Hardox armour,12HP and top speeds of 20mph. That said, the four Vulkanised wheels are open to overhead attacks and if a fellow flipper gets under those skirts, Nitro-Gene could end up part of the atmosphere itself!

    (Represented by Kody Kunz)
    HIIIII-YAA! Having already dominated the world of \i{Soul} and the Easter Bunny Tribute Championship, Seung Mina now has her eyes set on the PTT crown. Modelled closely on Achilles, this newcomer is a rounded box-wedge with sloped sides and a curved rear wedge for deflecting those nasty spinners. The main weapon, as you might have guessed, is a rear-hinged pneumatic flipper, powered by a 5kg CO2 tank. The arm can last for around 20 flips and toss over two tonnes without breaking a sweat! Hey, you don't win the Soul Edge by asking nicely, you know. Like the champ, the four wheels run on a skid-steer system via two LEM-130 Lynch motors and is well protected with a 3.2mm Hardox monocoque shell. Like the champ, however, it lacks any truly damaging weaponry and could prove tricky to control with top speeds of 19mph. Seung Mina has studied the PTT master closely; will that prove its undoing?

    House Robots - Fawkes & Scarlek

    Roboteers, stand by...

    Flank Attack leaps straight into battle, scuttling across the arena and going head-to-head with Seung Mina! Kody quickly flips the crusher aside and instead turns his attention to Nitro-Gene! Seung Mina crashes into the side of Paul's machine, but it barely misses a flipping from the Canadian entry! Kody prepares to try again when Flank Attack bumps into Seung Mina's rear and slowly grabs a hold of her rear end! Cheeky thing! A brief tug-of-war breaks out between the two, broken by the wail of the Void Activation Button and the arrival of the champion itself, Achilles! The PTT5 gold medallist plows into the locked machines, closely followed by Nitro-Gene! The ensuing car crash weakens Flank Attack's grip and allows Seung Mina to escape with only a pair of dints in the Hardox monocoque shell! Eager for revenge, Seung Mina charges at Flank Attack and hits it right between the claws! Alex Mac tries to grab hold again, but Seung Mina easily pushes his machine to the top of the ring and over the Flame Grill! The flipper fires...and Flank Attack bounces back onto the barbeque pit before scuttling away to rejoin Achilles and Nitro-Gene! Both machines have been circling each other tentatively until now, save for the odd jab. Flank Attack's arrival however inspires Achilles to break away from Nitro-Gene and charge into the Dutch crusher itself! Alex Mac does his best to fight back, but Alex H. isn't having any of it! The PTT champion flips Flank Attack over and is just about to shunt it towards the nearest wall when Seung Mina swoops in and steals the crusher from under Achilles' nose! Guess that fortnight at ninja camp was worth the money after all, eh, Kody? Seung Mina easily plows under the Dutch entry and pushes it towards the bottom of the arena! As they near the southern wall, Seung Mina fires her flipper and sends Flank Attack sailing clean over the barrier and out of the competition!
    Seung Mina delights the crowd with a victory spin before meeting up with the others again! Achilles and Nitro-Gene have gotten a little more aggressive now with both machines enthusiastically barging into each other! Seung Mina happily joins in the fun and quickly manages to scrape under Nitro-Gene's side-skirts! The flipper fires, sending the invertible box over onto its back! As Paul scuttles aside to self-right, Achilles takes a pop at Seung Mina by charging into its own side! One push of a button and now Seung Mina is inverted! Kody hurridly self-rights and ignores the champ to go after Nitro-Gene, also right-side up again! The duo meet head-on, but it's Seung Mina who proves just the lower as it flips Nitro-Gene over once more! Paul manouevers to the side to self-right, just as Achilles rams Seung Mina's rear end and tosses her onto her back! Some robots don't know how to treat a lady, do they? Kody rerights his machine in a flash, only for Nitro-Gene to attack from the side and flip, causing Seung Mina to barrel-roll onto her back! The Canadian entry self-rights once more and attempts to fight back, but it seems that Achilles and Nitro-Gene are teaming up on the mighty Soul warrior! Determined to stay in the game, Kody narrowly dodges an assault from Achilles and manouevers round into Nitro-Gene's side! Seung Mina scrapes under the skirting and begins pushing the fellow newcomer over towards the eastern wall! Kody fires the flipper, Nitro-Gene leaps off the ground...and clatters back down onto Seung Mina's head! Paul self-rights onto the ground as Seung Mina tries to flip it again, but before she can launch another attack, Achilles charges under her rear and flips her over once more! It's a flipper frenzy out there, I tell you! Kody rights his machine but barely has time to dish out some punishment when Achilles hits the Canadian machine's side and begins pushing her down towards the Void! Seung Mina gives out once last desperate flick of the arm as she tumbles down into the purple-and-yellow abyss!


    Flank Attack has been divided and conquered, while Seung Mina V lacked the right 'calibur'.


    HEAT C
    ROUND 1
    BATTLE 2

    (Represented by Matthew Fowler)
    Bull in a China Shop doesn't have the best PTT record, but it has always been a colourful and creative competitor. This latest incarnation is no exception, as BIACS-is of Evolution is absolutely barmy! It might look like a tall, passive pyramid at first glance, but those four walls are actually rear-hinged lifting arms! Powered by a single linear actuator, the arms lift in unison, revealing the real robot underneath - a compact cross with a large spinning disc mounted on top! The disc weighs around 20kg and is powered by an S28-400 Magmotor, geared down to run at nearly 2500rpm and produce 48kJ of power. There's nothing about this bull's weaponry to snort at, that's for sure! BIACS-is of Evolution is well protected with 4mm Hardox arms and a 3mm titanium shell and the arms can re-right the machine from any position. Unfortunately, its two little wheels and pair of castors provide little traction and with top speeds of only 9mph, Matt's ingenious design could be a load of bull'!
    IN PTT1 (as Bull in a China Shop): the only walker in the contest, sadly pitted by Dominator 2 and Terrorhurtz in Round 1
    IN PTT4 (as Bull in a China Shop L.E.): withdrew due to lack of stats

    (Represented by Martijn Benschop)
    Back to rock the PTT for a second time, here comes Back to Rock III! Still a boxy bot with a large flipping arm, Martijn has made some significant changes since the last war. The front is now a scoop rather than a wedge, the sides now bear titanium skirts, the rear is rounded for easier self-righting and the arm is more powerful than ever. Operated by an LEM-130 at 36v, the arm uses an interesting rack-and-pinion mechanism which runs through a gearbox, allowing the veteran to either lift with care or quickly right itself. The scoop of the arm also houses a diamond-edged circular saw, spinning at 4000rpm for added bite. Back to Rock is certainly powerful, with six wheels and two LEM-130s at 48v providing excellent pushing power, and a 7mm titanium shell providing more than adequate protection. Top speeds of 18mph can make it difficult to control, however, and with no skirts protecting the rear, a good flipper could send Back to Rock rolling out of the contest!
    IN PTT5 (as Back to Rock): rammed and slammed by F.P. 4.0 in the second round

    (Represented by Alex Holt)
    After great success in the Crash & Burn Tournament and Vapourbot Vengeance, Infusion aims to live up to its legacy and infuse the PTT with a great big chunk of terror. Based heavily on Warrior S.F.K., this machine has a thick wedge at the front and a spinning ring at the rear. The ring is powered by two D-Pack motors at 24v and reach speeds of 2500rpm in two seconds. The twist here is that the kinetic energy of the spinner can be transferred to the drive train to give the robot a kind of 'turbo boost', doubling torque and speed for up to three seconds. With two S28-400 Magmotors at 24v driving the two wheels, maximum speeds of 25mph and Hardox 500 armour up to 6mm thick (10mm for the ring!), Infusion is part-spinner, part-rammer and all-monster! That said, use of the 'turbo boost' will mean decreased control and although it is invertible, the wedge won't work upside-down. Can Infusion brew up a victory? Let's find out...

    (Represented by Martyn Forsyth)
    What's that thundering sound heading this way? Why, it's the mighty hooves of the Deer, back again for a second stab at the PTT title! Relatively unchanged since last time, this green skirted box is armed with a pair of horizontal crushing claws modelled after antlers for extra pain. The antlers are hydraulically powered by a 120mm bore ram at 3000psi, giving three and a half tonnes of crushing force at the tips, six tonnes in the middle and a horrifying \i{eight} tonnes right at the back. Deer-y me, that sounds nasty! The Deer is swift creature with tops speeds of 15mph, and with two S28 Magmotors at 24v and a 3.6mm Hardox coat, it can butt heats with the best of them. It's invertible too, but that only leaves the four wheels open to overhead attacks and if a low flipper can use the antlers to its advantage, the Deer could find itself flying onto somebody's plate. Roast venison, anyone?
    IN PTT5: pitted by N.S.B.F.R. X in the second round

    House Robots - Surligig & Mr Hyde

    Roboteers, stand by...

    And already Infusion is putting its unique 'turbo boost' to good use, revving the spinning ring and shooting across the arena, straight into Back to Rock III! Back to Rock gives the Aussie entry a shunt in payback and turns its attention to the Deer, who has its own eyes set on the bewildering BIACS-is of Evolution! Martijn attempts to block the Deer's path, having forged a little alliance with Matt earlier on, and meets the crusher head-on! Back to Rock tries to bring the lifting arm into play but the Deer has managed to get a good hold on the front wedge! The two robots attempt to outpush each other, with Back to Rock's saw desperately trying to nibble the Deer's horns! While Martijn and Martyn duke it out, Infusion is trying to get underneath BIACS-is of Evolution! Unfortunately for Aaron, BIACS-is' unusual shape is making this more difficult than it should be! Infusion bullies BIACS-is up the arena and is just about to push it over the Flame Grill when BIACS-is' four huge lifting arms are finally brought to life! Slowly the arms unfold to reveal the real machine - that compact cross with the deadly disc! Infusion takes a chance and meets the blade head-first!
    Infusion is spin away, but the Hardox wedge takes the blow easily! BIACS-is bounces into the northern wall, the disc grinding to a halt! Matt decides to go on the defence again and begins lowering its arms, but Infusion proves too fast as it slams BIACS-is into the wall again and almost gets engulfed by the giant skirts! Oi, let's keep this clean now, lads!
    Meanwhile, Back to Rock and the Deer have been going at it tooth and nail! Back to Rock finally managed to wriggle free of the Deer's grip and was able to clip its sides a few times with the circular saw, but aside from that, it's been a tentative battle for these two! His eyes still on BIACS-is, Martyn fakes out his Dutch opponent and narrowly avoids an assault from Back to Rock! The Deer charges up the ring and crashes into BIACS-is, trying to grab one of the massive arms! In the confusion, Infusion slips away and swerves around into the Void Activation Button! BIACS-is tries to lift the Deer up off the ground, but is having a difficult time doing so! I'd say it's to do with weights or balance, but in a melee like this, logic and order take a holiday! The Deer slips off the arm and quickly grabs onto BIACS-is' main body! The disc can't do anything now as Martyn easily drags BIACS-is down the arena! Here, Back to Rock leaps to its friend's defence and smacks into the Deer's ribs! Martijn scrapes under its skirts and begins lifting the fellow veteran, its saw nibbling away at its Hardox coat! Another patented 'turbo boost' allows Infusion to join the pile-up, crashing into Back to Rock and the Deer, and knocking them apart! Back to Rock rams Infusion as revenge and attempts to tip it over, but Aaron speeds off in the nick of time! BIACS-is meanwhile is squirming in the Deer's bonds, but Martyn isn't letting go just yet! The massive arms slowly flap up and down as the Deer continues pushing Matt's machine down towards the Void! Are you trying to distract your opponent, Matty, or fly away? Because neither seems to be working at the moment! As BIACS-is' arms begin to rise again, the Deer reaches the Void and dunks its unusual opponent down into the spiralling hole - with the arms still raised on high!
    The Deer speeds back to the middle of the ring, where Back to Rock and Infusion are zipping about like dogs let off their leads! Back to Rock attempts to get under Infusion, but the Aussie entrant is proving too nippy for the PTT veteran! The Deer decides to join in the fun, crashing into Back to Rock and trying to grab hold again! Luckily for Martijn, he is able to escape the antlers' grasp and prepares to shunt it right back! Infusion gets in first however as the newcomer meets the Deer head-on and slides right underneath! Before Martyn's machine can back off, Aaron goes full throttle and, rear rim spinning furiously, activates his 'turbo boost'! Infusion shoots down the arena, shoving the Deer into Mr Hyde's open arms! Martyn quickly tries to escape, but doesn't leave without taking a couple of nasty blows from the House Robot's hammer! As the Deer regains its bearings, Back to Rock catches up! Martyn attempts to grab hold of his Dutch rival as the duo butt heads, but Back to Rock backs off and swiftly pushes the fellow veteran sideways towards the western wall! The Deer swings around as Martijn backs up for another charge, pincers at the ready! Back to Rock and the Deer lock horns again and this time, Back to Rock plows right underneath its opponent! The arms is activated and the Deer is toppled up and over...well, not quite. Back to Rock backs away - the Deer appears to have been propped against the wall, antlers pointing towards the sky! Martyn frantically tries to shake his machine free, waggling the claws and spinning his wheels helplessly but to no avail! As Back to Rock and Infusion have antoher go at each other, the Grim Beeper glides across the warzone and begins the inevitable countdown...
    Martyn shrugs as he puts down his controller. At least he's having a better time than Matty. BIACS-is is trying to clamber out of the Void with its great arms, while a bored Mr Hyde is trying to beat it back down like an alligator coming out of the toilet! Say what you will about this bizarre bot, but you can never call it dull!


    BIACS-is has devolved, and the Deer has been gored. Somebody shield Bambi's eyes!


    HEAT C
    ROUND 2
    Back to Rock III VS Nitro-Gene 5.0
    Achilles (1) VS Infusion

    Afterschock VS D.T.K. VS Innis VS Skink

    Thoughts? Tactics? A new straightjacket for Mr Hyde?

    Thank you.

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    Aw, dangit. Whatever, good fight Steve.

    Back to Rock III to win the first one by pitting Paul, and Infusion to upset Achilles in a JD.

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    Nice stuff Stevo!

    Nerix got pwn'd Back to the drawing board for that one. Yay for Infusion!

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    Just a reminder that, yes, I am still alive. :P

    I've been bogged down with a big lump of coursework I've been procrastinating on these past few days, hence the delay in fights. With any luck, I'll have the next Featherweight fight up by Friday. If any of the competitors have tactics, they would be greatly appreciated as judging this tournament has been ruddy difficult thus far.

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    Holy Update, Batman! :shock:

    Apologies if this fight seems a tad underwhelming. It was very difficult picking a winner without any tactics and I'm still rather drained after finishing two nasty lumps of coursework yesterday. But hey, an update's an update. Enjoy, y'all!

    BATTLE 3

    (Represented by Will Thomas and Martijn Benschop)
    Last year's Roaming Robots FW Winter Tour champion! A bulky blue wedge with a bright red, rear-hinged flipping arm. It's nippy and manoueverable at 10mph, but has a limited CO2 supply.

    (Represented by Mike Lambert and Martyn Forsyth)
    A miniaturized version of Dantomkia and the reigning Robot Wars featherweight champion! It's tough and reliable with an effective flipping arm, but suffers from a high rear ground clearance.

    (Represented by Tracy Farber)
    An invertible box with a 2000rpm spinning disc on the front. Another nimble robot here with a low ground clearance and 5mm 2024 aluminium armour, but its two wheels are open to overhead attacks...

    (Represented by Mike Hamilton-Macy and Paul Cuomo)
    A bright yellow box-wedge with a wide, rear-hinged flipper. The full-pressure arm packs a punch while the bot itself travels at a comfortable 8mph. I do wonder about that plastic armour, though.

    House Robots - Michael Pliers & The Taxman

    Roboteers, stand by...

    As always, our Featherweights are off to a quick start! Innis already has its vicious spinning disc up to speed, but barely has time to pick a target when it is rammed from the side by Skink! Tracy twirls away and strikes Skink with the flywheel! The plastic armour takes a slice, but Mike and Paul are undeterred! Skink shunts Innis a second time, just as Afterschock and DTK hit the scene! The two little flippers are currently engaged in a little spat of their own, with both robots dancing about each other! Finally Afterschock manages to catch DTK with the flipping arm and flicks it over onto its back! Almost instantaneously DTK self-rights, taking another bump from Afterschock for its troubles! Afterschock attempts to flip the RW7 champ again but is distracted by Innis, who strikes its welded HDPE armour! Afterschock is sent spinning before being shunted by Skink! The Roaming Robots champ gives Skink a taste of its own medicine and tries to weasel undernearth! It doesn't have much success however as DTK slides under the blue wedge and tosses it over! Afterschock immediately self-rights, narrowly avoiding another blow from Innis! Still hungry for vengeance Afterschock charges Innis' side and flips the spinner over! Tracy is unfazed, her machine being invertible, and spins around to strike Afterschock! The HDPE shell takes another gash as all four robots come together! Innis is flipped again, this time by Skink, with DTK doing the same to Afterschock! Martijn fires the flipper and the blue wedge self-rights...back onto DTK's front! The dinky Dantomkia scuttles down the arena, Mike Lambert's sight set clearly on The Taxman's CPZ! Will and Martijn struggle to get Afterschock away, but to no avail...
    The House Robot's flywheel sends Afterschock flying, the blue wedge tumbling onto its back several feet from the CPZ! Martijn tries to self-right, eventually succeeding, but Will noticies a lack of movement as he tries to get Afterschock back in the game! DTK easily trundles around Afterschock, avoiding the bright red arm, and scrapes back under the sides! One flip sees the blue wedge inverted once more! DTK drives back underneath, this time heading straight for Killeidascope Corner! Afterschock self-rights just as they arrive...
    Sparks fill the air as the technicolour tenderizer flings Afterschock aside! That bright blue armour is now looking very battered indeed as DTK gives the fellow flipper a nudge! Will tries to get Afterschock away, but finds that his machine is barely responding! DTK decides to be merciful and backs away, leaving the Grim Beeper to swoop in and deliver the last rites...
    In the meantime, Innis and Skink have been going at it tooth and nail. Aside from the odd shunt by Innis and the occasionally well-aimed strike of Skink, both machines are pretty much neck-and-neck at this point. This begins to change when Skink suddenly breaks away from the scrap and darts up the arena into the Void Activation Button! The all-too familiar siren echoes across the warzone, opening the pit and defeaning the drivers! Skink returns to the heart of the warzone, almost driving head-on into the approaching Innis! Skink swerves to the side, receiving a gash from the flywheel for its troubles just as DTK returns from slaying Afterschock! Innis swings around, striking DTK as it charges at the spinner! Skink immediately takes advatange of the disorientated Dantomkia-Lite and plows under its high rear ground clearance! DTK falls victim to its own trick as Skink pushes the RW7 champ down the arena towards the Void, closely followed by Innis! Mike and Martyn are doing all they can to get DTK free, wriggling control sticks and firing the flipper! Skink however simply flicks the fellow flipper onto its back! Before DTK can right itself, Skink gives one last push and dumps the RW7 champ into the swirling Void! Innis puts an abrupt halt to any victory celebrations by slicing into Skink's rear! Sent spinning, Skink quickly recovers and catches Innis as it flees, smacking it into the eastern wall! Tracy attempts to break free, but Mike and Paul have other plans! Flipping the spinner over once more, Skink powers underneath Innis and dumps it into the Void with a final flick of the arm! At last Skink is allowed to celebrate as Michael Pliers nudges a lifeless Afterschock onto the Launchpad!
    Wow. Good thing that ceiling's Hardox.


    Afterschock has delivered a schockingly poor performance, DTK has been TKOed and Innis is no longer innit to winnit!

    Congratulations to Mike and Paul, commiserations to the rest. Round 2 will up with in the next two days with any luck, so get strategizing!

    BTW like the new avatar? :wink:

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    Hydralic setup, aim to get under it, carry it around, aim for the side of the wedge if possible. In the mean time wait for some kind of complicated Aaron retort on why that won't work.

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    BtR will lift, and saw, and pit, and control Nitro-Gene as well as possible to look good with judges and chicks and dinosaurs. Watch out for his wrath as well as his flipper, and w00t for skirts and an effective srimech. Try to ram his corners (preferably the rear ones) as they seem the most vulnerable to my attacks.

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