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Thread: FRFFT: Series Two

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    Can you clarify the entry rules again? I thought a middleweight was 50kgs...

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    Ill enter Micrompression, Hyper-Ventilate, Armoured Wedgie and Vertigo, stats on ZED

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    ZED is and can be accessed by most good web browsers, and some really bad ones too.

    My entries will be...I dont know if I can get more than one of any weight class together in the time I have, so can I just enter two heavies?

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    I do, yep, only recently discovered it but it appeals to me in a very childish way :P

    I shall enter:

    Drive (on ZED) and Kick Robut (RW series 2) for the superheavies
    The Hurting and Quaestor III for the heavies
    Doom (RW Extreme 1) and Hard Cheese (same) for the middles
    and Isolation (stats up shortly on ZED) and Satanix (see Roaming Robots site or for details) for the feathers.

    Hope those are alright.

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    Ill take Compression (see ZED) for my other heavyweight and for the rest:
    FW ~ Beauty 2
    MW ~ El Diablo
    SHW ~ Diesector

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    FW: Dizzy Tilly / Little Hitter
    LW: Ziggo / Ground Zero
    MW: Hazard / T-Minus
    HW: Blue Hurricane / Mad Dash
    SHW: Ziggy / Toro

    Blue Hurricane

    Weight: 100kg
    Shape: Disc
    Dimensions: 88 X 88 X 27
    Colour: Royal Blue for the sides, and a nice shade of midnight blue for the top and bottom.
    Power: 2 X LEM-130s @ 36v, with a couple of NiCad Batteries.
    Wheels: Two Aluminium Wheels with a nice layer of Asmaprene Urethane on it.
    Armour: 3.25mm Hardox for top and bottom, and 11mm Grade 5 Titanium for the sides.
    Top Speed: 13mph
    Ground Clearence: 5mm Everywhere.
    Turning Circle: Zero! Need I say more?!
    Weapon: Ok, the weapon is a nasty 32kg spinning rim, which is made out of 11mm Grade 5 Titanium, with 4 X Tungsten-tipped teeth. (2 teeth on bottom, and 2 on top) The teeth are all made out of hardox, and also curved to rip off skirts and panels with ease. It also runs on a single LEM-130 Lynch, and spins at about 2000RPM. This can rip through titanium and dent hardox quite easily. Heavily Shock-Proofed, as well.
    Srimech: Invertible
    Strengths: Can cause a lot of damage
    Weaknesses: Not the best pushing power by a long shot

    Mad Dash

    Weight: 100kg.
    Body Shape: Box with a front scoop.
    Color: Chartreuse Body, Pure Black Scoop.
    Dimensions: 100 X 90 X 36
    Drive: 2 X LEM-130s @ 36v powered by 4 X NiCad Batteries.
    Top Speed: 20 mph.
    Tyres: 4 X Vulkanized Tyres.
    Armour: 4.2mm Hardox
    Ground Clearence: Completely 0mm on the front and 6mm anywhere else. (including sides)
    Turning Circle: Zero
    Weapon 1: Static Scoop to deflect other spinners.
    Weapon 2: In the middle of the scoop, there is a Tornado-esque drum thingy powered by S28-150, spinning at 3220RPM.
    Srimech: Invertible, Side spikes prevent it from getting beached on its side.
    Strengths: Can run both ways up, EXTREME Pushing Power, Deadly Drum, Can get under anything, Shock-Proofed.
    Weaknesses: So-So Turning

    Here is a clip of Ziggo:
    Here is a clip of Ground Zero:

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