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Thread: Fanfic Representative

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    Alright people! We need an FRA Representative for Fanfic! The following people are willing to step into the hot seat:

    Martyn Forsyth
    Matthew Fowler
    Alex Holt
    Joey McConnell
    Andrew Jackson
    Martijn Benschop

    You can vote for only two people, but you can also vote for a person who is not on the list if you wish, but they must be acquainted with Fanfic. Make sure you are clear about which two people you are voting for; e.g. who you would think would do the best job and the 2nd best. If you are willing, you may also step into the hot seat.

    E-mail your votes to as soon as possible.


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    mkay, Joey just talked me in on this situation (wasnt online that much yesterday) and I just wanna say Im fine with my name being on that list

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    Great to hear Martijn.

    If people dont want to email me directly, the can PM me as well. Just click on my name, on the bottom of my profile is a link to do so. ( Click Here to send a private message to leorcc)

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    The first votes are coming in, which is great. I would like to have everyones vote in by January 4th 2009.

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    Most votes are in, those that havent voted yet, please do so as soon as possible. January 4th the votes will be counted and the results announced.

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    Right, the last votes have been counted.

    The results:

    Most votes went to Martijn Benschop with 5 first choice votes and 4 second choice votes.

    Runner up is Joey McConnell with 4 first choice votes and 3 second choice votes.

    Congratulations Martijn.

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    Congratulations Martijn.

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    uhhhm... yay?


    gee, thnx for the 9 votes boys and girls, very cool, if my name is to be used in some official context please do add the second M

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    You deserve a pat on the back, Marti.

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