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Thread: Dominator II

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    That is a photo from the Iron Awe website from Folkestone winter tour final 2006. Dominator looks slightly different there from when it was in robot wars, but I thought it had been inactive since RW?
    Can anyone enlighten me here?

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    I think thats Dominator 3 if Im not mistaken
    Liam Bryant
    Team Bud

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    Kenny's Avatar

    that was the one at billing aquadrome all them years ago

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    Indeed, I fought that one on the Aquadrome with Splinter.

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    It had a couple of fights and went back into storage I think.

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    hard life being a robot ;-)

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    to leo you fought it with splinter in billing northampton
    i live in northampton and was never told about that event :shock: :shock:

  10. #10 was in 2006....

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