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Thread: Is Wedgie cool!

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    leave him alone,he causes Tiny Toon enough problems as it is already..

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    btw, is that 25 robots while in your teams hands alone Andrew?

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    Andrew you really should push the boat out with Wedgie and invest in a top-of-the-range pneumatic system. It appeared in the Real Robots magazines about six years ago; created by Rex Garrod, it uses a pair of deadly bicycle pump pneumatic rams running through a hi-tech no-expense-spared servo-controlled valve unit that is fed from lightweight uber-high strength plastic fizzy drinks bottles. Such is the safety of this system that it can be run at a previously unheard-of 50 (yes 50!) pounds per square inch! With that sort of system in Wedgie youll be making the arena flipper look like a limp wrist

    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    It was either Wedgie or Explosion that gave Pug a short flight in its first battle at Huddersfield, I was well impressed by how my shell withstood the impact when hitting the ground!
    Liam Bryant
    Team Bud

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    I didnt see who did it, but it was definitly one of the two, Pug was spun in the air when flipped causing me to shout OHYABUGGER!!!!
    Liam Bryant
    Team Bud

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