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Thread: Haha, Idea!

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    Hi All.
    Im thinking about a middleweight, and just wondering wether the idea i have in mind is okay to do and will be cheep (Under £2000 anyway!)
    My idea is to get a granny scooter off of eBay, use the motors ect. and that will be my electronics, of course ill have to get the radio gear ect.
    For armour, im not sure, we have some aluminum (What were using on Hunter) but not that much, so im not sure what we should use, if it comes to it, id be happy to use wood! (Cheep!)
    Im not planning on a weapon, maybe just a wedge.
    Can i develop on this?

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    For a fun machine, get an old wheelchair and use the motors and gearboxes, easey to mount and usually cheap.

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    Okay, then take to rest of the chair to a scrap heap?

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    If you get one that runs with a joystick then you can just mount two servos to run the joystick and thats your steering done. Ive never done it but some teams back in series 4 did and it worked well for them. Plywood makes great armour. Its cheap, easy to work and you probably have the tools already.

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    Might need help with the servo steering.

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    sorry to jump on your post but im sure my question will help you also. :wink:
    can you get good speed from wheelchair motors, i have seen some on ebay that are 24volts, would you need to run these on 36 for more speed, or can i modify them easily. Or would they be good enough for a first competition robot as they are.

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    Depending on which ones they are, you can modify the gearboxes and get a bit more speed, or overvolt them.Be good for a first bot, easy to mount come with wheels, not too competitive, good to learn on, get experience of driving heavyweights.

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    Are the motors in Leveller from a wheelchair Dave?

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    Glad theres more people getting into MW. cant wait to build mine. i have 2 wheelchair motors but there big and heavy and only 150w. im going to look for something else.

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    Hi James

    The motors in Leveller are from Roger Plant, on modded S type gearboxes. Think the may be Littons.

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