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Thread: Haha, Idea!

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    A middleweight is something Id like to try but not got the funds or tools/space for it at the moment. Got a couple of nice Bosch 400s needing used though so I cant think of a better way

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    This is me and Dave Lawries heavy on wheel chair drive. Has around the same speed as ewe2 on 24volts. Was thinking about over volting to 36 for that extra kick. But thats up to Dave Lawrie as he has something special planned for the motors.
    Weighed in at 99.6kg but thats because it had stupidly sized batteries. SLA weighed around 25kg each 12volt pack.

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    Andy, yes they are. Bog standard wheelchair motors and wheels are still a good way to start with middle and heavyweights. Specially on 36V.

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    To be honest, I dunno. It was freaking huge wheel chair and so are the motors.

    I have seen some other Wheel chair motors and the ones in monolith were a lot bigger.

    What I can say is monolith ran a lot quicker without the wheel chair contollers. Invest in a wotty or use servos and relays (what I used). The chassie of the wheel chair was also awesome. Really good steel construction.

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    The motors are pretty standard, just some are more Watts (power) than others. In holland 150W is pretty standard, up to 400W for the very powerful chairs.

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    when i first started i walked into a dissability shop and asked if they had any old ones.. turns out they had a garage full of old wheel chairs they didnt really want, bought a few for £40 each.

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