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Thread: Mechanical Maelstrom

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    Leprosy Infection vs Spin Dash Unleashed

    Red Platform: Christopher Mason
    Blue Platform: Steven McGregor


    Both robots fighting for the bronze medal are of a simple box shape, with Leprosy Infection sporting that nasty vertical drum on the front whereas Spin Dash Unleashed is the battering ram with the bottom mounted saw blade designed specially to cut through tyres. Both are invertible. And it seems that€™s important for Spin Dash Unleashed as Leprosy Infection launches the first onslaught, dodging the front of Spin Dash Unleashed and bringing the drum around to bear on the side of the VFT1 runner-up. The paintwork is scratched and Spin Dash is turned turtle, but the entire six wheel drive is exposed from the top and the blue Scottish machine just keeps going, attacking Leprosy Infection front on and mounting the green machine, driving onto the top of the main body and over the back before using its superior drive to reverse against the box of Leprosy Infection, pushing it across the arena and into the spike strip! Leprosy Infection escapes and spins up the drum again, going back on the attack and knocking Spin Dash Unleashed over onto its front again, the rammer immediately retaliating and pushing against the side skirt of Leprosy Infection, chewing away at the hinge with the skirt and leaving it lying on the floor as Steven guns those lynch motors in the drive and pushes Leprosy Infection across the arena onto the arena floor spinner. The flaking-weaponry bot is tossed away into the spike strip, but recovers quickly and spins up the lynch motor powered drum for another attack, going on the assault to try and disable Spin Dash Unleashed, but again it hits the side as Spin Dash makes a last minute attempt to veer away, getting caught by the drum and being flipped onto its back again. The saw is far less effective when the robot is inverted and spins away at thin air, doing nothing at all. Leprosy Infection moves in on the attack again and hits the front of Spin Dash Unleashed, and suddenly the saw seems to have been broken loose by that attack! The chain is hanging out of the robot and the spinning weapon has halted, leaving Spin Dash Unleashed with only one option- ram! Steven obliges, pushing against the front of Leprosy Infection and forcing it backwards across the arena, spinning it against the wall for a second before the killsaws raise and sheer away another of Leprosy Infection€™s skirts! Although the drum is spinning again Spin Dash is holding Chris in the corner, all six wheels going at top speed to keep the vile green robot in the corner and stop it from getting that drum into play. However the 30 second pinning rule comes into play and Leprosy Infection is allowed to drive away as Spin Dash Unleashed finally (but involuntarily) relents. Chris turns to meet the oncoming and continually aggressive Spin Dash again, this time catching the useless saw and knocking it upwards, completely free of the robot itself! Time is ticking down and the arena pits appear, and it soon becomes apparent these are the targets of Spin Dash Unleashed. Steven powers into the front of Leprosy Infection, halting the drum and pushing the diseased robot backwards across the arena, just missing the pit and pinning Leprosy Infection against the wall just to the left of the chasm! The referees are beginning the thirty second pinning count, but it doesn€™t matter Steven as with less than half a minute left he€™s trying to nudge Leprosy Infection into the pit without releasing his grip and allowing Chris to escape! Unfortunately for Chris though he seems to be doing a pretty good job of it at the moment, turning Spin Dash slightly to move Leprosy Infection sideways and all of a sudden two of those wheels are over the wedge with less than ten seconds to go! Chris€™ heart is in his mouth as Leprosy Infection topples precariously and falls into the abyss just as the buzzer sounds!


    The question is, did Leprosy Infection go in before or after the buzzer? As we watch the replay footage we can clearly see in slow motion that CEASE was called just BEFORE Leprosy Infection met its end, so we€™re going to the judges!
    Leprosy Infection- 4 x 1= 4
    Spin Dash Unleashed- 3 x 1= 3
    Leprosy Infection- 3 x 0.75= 2.25
    Spin Dash Unleashed- 5 x 0.75= 3.75
    Leprosy Infection- 2 x 0.5= 1
    Spin Dash Unleashed- 4 x 0.5= 2
    Leprosy Infection- 3 x 0.25= 0.75
    Spin Dash Unleashed- 2 x 0.25= 0.5
    A good display of power from Leprosy Infection, but Spin Dash Unleashed was aggressive and dominant enough to take the win.
    Leprosy Infection: 8-9.25: Spin Dash Unleashed

    Leprosy Infection is knocked away from the podium; Spin Dash Unleashed gets the bronze medal!

    Next up, the Final!
    Gabriel III vs Sheer Heart Attack 2

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    Grand Final
    Gabriel III vs Sheer Heart Attack 2

    In the Red Square we have Gabriel III, who defeated Do or Die and Leprosy Infection to reach this stage.

    In the Blue Square we have Sheer Heart Attack 2, who defeated MeCannibal 3.0 and Spin Dash Unleashed to reach this stage.

    Red Platform: Joey McConnell
    Blue Platform: Martijn Benschop


    Eight robots started out, now only 2 remain here in Mechanical Maelstrom. They have battled harder than any other machines, and now one of them must be eliminated, but which one will it be? Gabriel III is immediately the aggressor, running straight at Sheer Heart Attack 2 and getting underneath the spinning drum to flip it over quickly, but the axlebot is unaffected by this and reverses, getting each side wedge under the clearance either side of Gabriel€™s front point and gunning those LEMCO-130 lynch motors in the drive to turn the tracks quickly and push the pyramid shaped machine backwards across the arena and into the spike strip! Gabriel fires its flipper, but Sheer Heart Attack 2 turns now with the drum spinning and strikes the weak base panel of Gabriel III, ripping in it a large gash and flipping the yellow bot against the cage. Gabriel III fires the flipper and self-rights, but the base armour is bent out of shape by the drum of Sheer Heart Attack 2 and Gabriel is barely moving! Joey struggles to make his way across the arena at Sheer Heart Attack 2, but the wheels aren€™t touching the floor enough and Gabriel III instead moves around in a circle. Sheer Heart Attack 2 backs away and spins up the drum while Gabriel makes the best attempts it can to drive in Martijn€™s general direction, but failing. Sheer Heart Attack 2 quickly drive sin on one last attack now and rips a gash in Gabriel III€™s HDPE outer armour, not getting near the internals but succeeding in flipping the angel of death again and now Martijn attacks the underside of Gabriel again, pushing against with the drum spinning and tearing that gash larger while keeping Gabriel III from self-righting! The internals are exposed from underneath now and Martijn drives in again just as Gabriel self-rights, but the oddly shaped machine lands right on top of the spinning drum and is thrown upwards, turning over in mid-air to reveal to the crowd below that the base panel is practically non-existent now, and only the edges remain to cover very little of Gabriel III€™s internal workings. Joey self-rights, but the edges of the baseplate are still bent and Gabriel can only just struggle across the arena, but isn€™t even allowed that privilege as Sheer Heart Attack 2 spins up the drum one final time and drives at Gabriel III, hitting the front and turning it up and over, and as it goes over suddenly gas seems to erupt from under Gabriel III€™s hood and out of the broken base. The supply of carbon dioxide gas that powers the flipper has been ruptured and it€™s all over for Gabriel III.
    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
    This first season of Mechanical Maelstrom has come to an end, and now we have our champion and runner-up we can go the medal ceremony!


    Gabriel III is sent to hell; Sheer Heart Attack 2 is the winner of Mechanical Maelstrom!

    Final Standings:
    03. Spin Dash Unleashed, Steven McGregor (BRONZE MEDAL)
    02. Gabriel III, Joey McConnell (SILVER MEDAL)
    01. Sheer Heart Attack 2, Martijn Benschop (GOLD MEDAL)

    Thank you to everyone who competed, and I hope you will all enter Season 2.0, which will open pretty soon.

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    Oh...bollocks. Well done to Marti for winning anyway, great job

    Great first tourney Lewis, even if at times I felt like the only person posting tactics :P You can consider me reserved for the next one, looking forward to it very much.

    *goes off to design Gabriel IV and polish nice shiny silver medal*

    (Message edited by joeychevron on November 09, 200

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    Well now thats two tournaments SHA2s won, lmao

    Good job to Martijn, Joey, and of course Lewis for completing the tournament. I wont hold the previous error against you at all.

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    serves you right G4briel!!! Sheer Heart Attack won and Lewis spelled my name right!!!

    ur an impressive writer Lewis and I feel I didnt say that often enough throughout this tournament, its been of great quality!

    and well done to u 2 Joey, we had a great match :wink:

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