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Thread: Robot SMASH!! III: Lock3d and Load3d

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    In the words of Joey McConnell, upon the opening of Recharged


    Oh yes.
    As we enter the third series of this major tournament, you will witness the rise of another RS!! Champion, and the fall of many other machines

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please applaud the return of ROBOT SMASH!! , coming to you live from channel LIAMISDABEST, we begin the search for a new musical megastar! If you want to see that rubbish turn over because American Idol is on ITV2, but here on LIAMISDABEST we are looking for a robot so mean it€™ll send Gok Wan running home to mamma!

    In the first series 64 brave (or stupid) robots rose to the challenge and battled it out in a brutal single elimination tournament. 8 finalists emerged, and they went to war again, but the quarter-finals were tough on the robots and only four were left. Then the semi-finals arrived, and the excellent ISDSFA and Supreme Glory Omega bit the dust, but then in the final Wedge Devolution flipped Nidhogg against the wall to win the very first Robot SMASH!! .
    Then Wedge Devolution returned in Robot SMASH!! Series 2: Recharged, and another 95 machines wanted his blood. They did battle across 16 gory heats, with the survivors battling it out in the semi-finals to be narrowed down to 4 almighty robots. The champion made it through along with unseeded veteran Back to Rock III, newcomer PsycloniZer and previous runner-up Nidhogg. They did battle in two bloodthirsty eliminators, with Nidhogg crumpling after a flurry of spinning attacks from PsycloniZer and BTRIII ending up on the camera tracks courtesy of Wedge Devolution, but then in the final it was all over for Wedge and a new champion arose, Andys flipper killing machine PsycloniZer!
    And now the epic story continues. Can PsycloniZer retain the title, or will another new robot rise to victory?

    The seedings will be announced after the entries are in, but these will be the seedings if all the following robots are entered:
    01. PsycloniZer (NEWCOMER)
    02. Wedge Devolution (1)
    03. Nidhogg Evo (NIDHOGG) (2)
    04. Back to Rock III (UNSEEDED)
    05. Black Panther (NEWCOMER)
    06. Supreme (SUPREME GLORY OMEGA) (3)
    07. Killobite Hex (KILLOBITE 5.0) (10)
    08. Mantis (NEWCOMER)
    09. Flick of the Wrist 2 (FLICK OF THE WRIST) (12)
    10. Orka MK.4 (NEWCOMER)
    11. Achilles (NEWCOMER)
    12. Cyclone Force 3 (NEWCOMER)
    13. Cat with Wheels (NEWCOMER)
    14. Spin Dash Unleashed (METAL SONIC SPIN DASH) (UNSEEDED)
    15. Dervish: Generation X (Dervish V)( UNSEEDED)
    16. Axeon 3.0 (NEWCOMER)
    17. Disco 5 (WINNER OF RS!! MINI-TOURNAMENT 1)
    18. Gabriel III (GABRIEL II) (14)
    19. Sheer Heart Attack 2 (UNSEEDED)
    20. Envy (NEWCOMER)
    21. SOR X (NEWCOMER)
    22. Razer (
    24. E Clawdius Unum (UNSEEDED)
    25. Tengu VII (NEWCOMER)
    26. Dante (NEWCOMER)
    27. Macduff the 3rd (NEWCOMER)
    28. Monsoon Magnus (MEGA MONSOON) (UNSEEDED)
    29. Die-ceratops Re-invertus (WINNER OF FLIPPER FRENZY) (NEWCOMER)
    30. Yet Another Cut Above the Rest (WINNER OF SPINNER SPECIAL)
    31. Intriguer (WINNER OF AXE ATTACK)

    The Arena

    The first SMASH!! Took place in a slightly modified version of the RW arena, but the second created the coliseum. Now we have an entirely new arena, the ROBOTAGON! This is a fairly small 12 metre x 12 metre octagon with two starting squares, a red in the top left corner and a blue in the bottom right corner. Each square is big enough for two robots. In the bottom left corner there is a pit, big enough for any robot. The release button is on the top wall. In the top right corner there is a hazard coloured semi-circle where a house robot will patrol. Surrounding the perimeter of the arena there is a strip of tungsten static spikes, and in the bottom side there is flame pit for all those comedy robots covered in fur... The walls are 50mm hardox and just 45cm high; the floor is stainless steel for plenty of magnetism.

    Reservation Policy

    You can reserve a place in the competition, but it will be held only for 1 week. If anyone gets their stats in before you then it€™s whoever gets their stats in first gets the spot. Every time that the entry list is posted I will write next to your name how much time is left of your reservation.


    Weight Limits:
    100kg for wheeled robots
    110kg for shuffling and tracked robots
    200kg for true walkers

    Flying robots are banned
    Passive weaponry is allowed
    Interchangeable weaponry is allowed, no limit on the amount of setups
    Cluster bots are allowed, but no more than 5 parts, if 50% of the robot is immobilised then the whole bot is eliminated, each part must make up an equal percentage of the overall weight
    No smokescreens


    You can win by:
    Critically impair opponent€™s motion (eg take out 50% of the drive)
    Completely immobilise opponent€™s drive

    You cannot pin an opponent for more than 30 seconds, the same goes for holding on with a weapon. Note however that this rule no longer applies to stacking.

    Each fight lasts 3 minutes maximum. If two or more robots are running at the end the fight will be judged on damage, aggression, control and dominance. Each is marked out of ten, and times on order of importance: Damage x 4, Aggression x 3, Control x 2, Dominance x 1
    This is the same system used with success last season


    If I mess up and do anything impossible, please don€™t blow up, just point it out calmly and if it is indeed a valid point(s) then I will be more than happy to rewrite.

    Tournament Structure

    Depends on how many entries I get. The heats will be like those from RW6/RW7, but there will be 12 or 16 depending on how many entries I get.

    House Robots

    Yes, I know I said I would never do them in RS!! , but I just can€™t resist. One will appear in each fight alongside the refbot. Also I am using the Robot Wars House Robots. Also, if you have a house robot that you would like to feature in this tournament I will gladly allow it to feature among these, all you need is a brief description, though if you have stats that is fine. This is entirely OPTIONAL, and unless you want to don€™t go to the expense of making them specially. There is however a 500kg weight limit.
    These are the house robots I have created specially:

    Team Welsh Darklords

    Robot Name: Furnace
    Shape: Low Dome with lots of holes
    Weight: 195kg
    Length: 105cm
    Width: 105cm
    Height: 20cm
    Motivation: 4 vulcanised titanium tracks, internal
    Drive: 4 LEM-130s at 48v
    Armour: 9mm hardox
    Weaponry: Out of the holes there are large bursts of flame, so basically there is a flamethrower within each one
    Speed: 25mph
    Ground Clearance: 7mm
    Turning Circle: 0
    Srimech: None
    Colour: A mix of yellow, orange and red
    Strengths: Hot!
    Weaknesses: Ground Clearance

    Robot Name: Psychopath
    Shape: Long wedge
    Weight: 290kg
    Length: 120cm
    Width: 95cm
    Height: 30cm
    Motivation: 10 inner vulcanised wheels
    Drive: 10 S28-400s at 24v
    Armour: 8mm hardox
    Weaponry: A 35kg hammer on the wedge, powered by a 100m x 120mm nitrogen ram at 2400psi, the gas is stored in 2 x 5kg tanks
    Speed: 25mph
    Ground Clearance: 0 at the front, 8mm at sides and rear
    Turning Circle: 0
    Srimech: Hammer
    Colour: Dark blue with a platinum hammer
    Strengths: Powerful weaponry
    Weaknesses: Huh?

    Robot Name: Sumo Shock
    Shape: Box with a front plough
    Weight: 160kg
    Length: 90cm
    Width: 95cm
    Height: 17cm
    Motivation: 4 x vulcanised titanium tracks, internal, but invertible
    Drive: 2 LEM-200s at 72v
    Armour: 6mm hardox
    Weaponry: Plough and pushing power
    Speed: 30mph
    Turning Circle: 0
    Ground Clearance: 0 at front, 6mm at sides and rear which is covered by 7mm hardox torsion sprung skirts
    Srimech: Invertible
    Colour: Light blue with the name in yellow on top
    Strengths: Pushing power
    Weaknesses: Nuh

    Robot Name: King
    Shape: Sir Killalot with a wedge at the rear
    Weight: 1000kg
    Length: 200cm
    Width: 200cm
    Height: 70cm
    Motivation: 6 x vulcanised titanium tracks, internal
    Drive: 8 LEM-200s at 60v
    Armour: 10mm hardox
    Weaponry: A large flywheel powered by 4 E-Teks in the rear wedge, plus the two arms at the front. The right one has a hydraulic claw at 5000psi and the other has another one, they rise high enough to right the robot
    Speed: Up to 40mph
    Ground Clearance: 10mm, but 0 at rear
    Turning Circle: 0
    Srimech: The arms and side pneumatic rams
    Colour: The colour of DEATH
    Strengths: Everything
    Weaknesses: None

    Robot Wars House Robots:
    Sergeant Bash
    Dead Metal
    Refbot (present in all battles)
    Sir Killalot
    Mr. Psycho


    This applies mostly to vapours. I know a lot of realies, but not every single one that ever existed so I if don€™t know much about a realie I will tell you, a video will usually suffice, but as long as you can give a description you should be OK. You only have to post a video or a description if I require one for one or more realies, I will let you know.

    You can set your stats out in any format, but they must include the following (please note one category- such as power- may contain both drive motor and batteries/voltage):
    Robot Name: What your robot is called
    Shape: What shape your robot is
    Weight: See weight limits
    Dimensions: Preferably in CM, l x w x h unless stated otherwise
    Motivation: Wheels/Tracks/Legs etc.
    Armour: What your robot is armoured with
    Weaponry: What weapons (if any) your robot has
    Speed: What speeds can it reach or what speed is its average?
    Ground Clearance: Remember if it is 0 all round you won€™t move, though you can make it 0 with skirts, though if you have skirts please state the clearance behind them
    Turning Circle: Most types are 0, unless you have car steering
    Colour: What colour(s) you robot is
    Srimech: What your robot has to right itself (if it can) or is it invertible?
    Please note that the following three are OPTIONAL:
    Strengths: Pros of your design
    Weaknesses: Cons of your design
    Notes: Anything else?


    I need either 12 or 16 people to enter 8 robots each (see Tournament Structure). They can be vapours or realies, you decide, but you must have at least 1 realie. Realies cannot be from before series 5 of Robot Wars and Season 3.0 of Battlebots. I have made this decision because in the past people (COUGH JOEYALEX COUGH) have entered very old realies.
    (COUGH INFUSION FAMILY COUGH) This goes for realies and vapours, you cannot enter two or more robots the same, whether they are painted different colours and/or have very slight changes or not, I will judge whether two or more very similar entries are allowed.
    Regarding vapours I am willing to look in other threads for stats as long as you tell me where they are and all stats are in one thread, otherwise please post them here or post a link to where I can find them. People with their stats on ZED only need to give me a list of names; I know where your stats are.
    Remember to specify the name of house robots if you have any and are willing to lend them.

    Anything I€™ve missed or any questions you have feel free to ask.

    Also, I€™ve done a lot of coughing through this lengthy opening thread, does anyone have a soother?

    So, what are you silly, foolish people waiting for?

    Get entering!!!

    Please note that this may not start for a while, so I will allow robots to be swapped with their updated versions right up until the time the first battle is written, but you can only change robots completely before the draw is done.


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    At this rate I might get a realie age limit rule named after me, that would be the coolest thing in the history of cool things

    As for coughing, Ive done a lot of it as well, might be a fanfic bug going round...oh, wait, entries? Sure, I can give you entries :P

    Nidhogg Evo (3)
    Gabriel III (1
    Eye Of Ran
    No Consequences
    (potentially a new vapour, but if no new vapour has been given by the time of the draw then substitute Quaestor III)
    And the obligitory legal realie: Gemini (series 5)

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    I enter - and I pick robots

    Knyfe (23)[ 6 ad=186]
    Heyght II[ 2 ad=302]
    Inferno[ 4 ad=394]
    The Rock[ 5 ad=185]
    Nitro-Gene 5.0[ 7 ad=177]
    MeCannibal 3.0[ 5 ad=175]
    WORCK-ER[ 2 ad=182]
    Storm II (Realie)

    The last tourny was a great read, but it was bad for my bots, with only 1 heat final, 3 Round 2s, and 4 plummeting out in their first Round. I intend to pull back and take the crown of RS!!CHAMP!!!! (Like heck )

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    reserve me a spot

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    Weight: 100kg
    Shape: Box with small front wedges on top and bottom
    Dimensions: 100 X 76 X 27
    Drive: 2 X 750 Bosch€™s @ 36v, powered by 5 NiCads
    Tyres: 2 X Foam Packed Tyres with Asmaprene Urethane on both
    Armour: 4mm Hardox with 4mm Polycarb laminating
    Ground Clearence: The front is 0mm, rising to 6mm on the back/sides
    Top Speed: 15 mph
    Weapon: A nice 19kg eggbeater made of hardox with blunted edges, powered by 2 X LEM-130. This spins at 2700RPM, and reaches that speed in about a second or two. It can flip as well as cause some SERIOUS damage, or even better, knock some bots out using shock treatment.
    Srimech: Invertible
    Strengths: Deadly Weapon, Decent Pusher, Heavily shock-proofed
    Weaknesses: Wheels may be exposed to crushers but nonetheless very sturdy

    Paralyzation 2

    Weight: 100kg.
    Body Shape: Low Box ala Tetanus Booster.
    Colour: Gold.
    Dimensions: 100 X 78 X 20.
    Drive: 2 X LEM-130s @ 36v powered by 4 X NiCad Batteries.
    Top Speed: 15 mph.
    Wheels: 4 inner, Tightly Foam-Packed Wheels with Asmaprene Urethane on them.
    Armour: 3.25mm Hardox 500.
    Ground Clearence: 3.5mm all around.
    Weapon: 19 kg Drum powered by a LEM-130 Lynch, spinning at 5000 RPM. There are 8 teeth, which are all curved upwards and jagged to rip and flip opponents. Heavily Shock-Proofed, as well.
    Srimech: Invertible. Side spikes prevent it from getting beached.
    Strengths: Deadly Weapon, and a Great Pusher.
    Weaknesses: Exposed Tyres although very strong.

    Bubonic Plague (was previously Black Death)

    Weight: 100kg.
    Body Shape: Wedge with Firestorm style wedge extention on the front and sloped rear.
    Colour: The main body and flipper is Black with Dark Purple Polka Dots, the disc is gray with blood red teeth.
    Dimensions: 100 X 70 X 35.
    Drive: 2 X LEM-130€™s @ 36v powered by 4 X NiCad Batteries.
    Top Speed: 15 mph.
    Tyres: 4 X Vulkanized Tyres.
    Armour: 3.25mm Hardox
    Ground Clearence: Completely 0mm on the front, rising to 6mm on the back, and 3mm on sides.
    Turning Circle: *Sigh of Frustration*€¦ Zero.
    Weapon: At the front there is a Rear-Hinged Flipper powered by 2 X 80mm High Pressure Rams. It€™s capable of 36 flips or so before it starts weakening. At the back, there is a X-Terminator-style disc (only this time, its vertical) that weighs 9kg, powered by an S28-400. This has 3 curved and serrated teeth to rip, flip and toss and spins at 5000RPM. Heavily Shock-Proofed, as well.
    Srimech: Flipper, and side spikes prevent it from getting beached.
    Strengths: Deadly Disc, Powerful Flipper, Near Impossible to get under from the front, Immense Pushing Power.
    Weaknesses: Limited CO2.


    Weight: 100 kg
    Body Shape: Cone.
    Colour: Flourescent Blue Body with Turquoise and Green Teeth.
    Dimensions: 96 X 96 X 42 cm.
    Drive: 2 X S28-400s @ 24v powered by 4 X NiCad Batteries.
    Top Speed: 15 mph.
    Tyres: 2 X Vulkanized Tyres.
    Ground Clearence: 7mm all around. It has to be.
    Armour: 6mm Hardox FBS shell, 6mm Polypropylene Base.
    Turning Circle: Zero! Need I say more?
    Weapon: A very nasty 36kg, 1500RPM FBS shell with 2 X 2kg Hardox Teeth and small Tungsten Carbide-tipped teeth all around, powered by an LEM-130 @ 36v. This can reach top speed in 1.4 second, and brings out about 80kJ. The teeth are curved, jagged, and barbed. Has a buttload of shock proofing inside to stop it from self-destruction. Holes drilled into it to reduce weight.
    Srimech: An extremely blunt spike that comes out at the top, powered by 1 X 2kg CO2 Tank.
    Strengths: Deadly Weapon, Fast Srimech.
    Weaknesses: Weak Base Armour, able to shoot only 15 times with the srimech

    Walk Dont Run 4

    Weight: 110kg.
    Body Shape: Disc.
    Colour: Emerald Green Weapon, Snow White for top and bottom.
    Dimensions: 95 X 95 X 27.
    Drive: 2 X LEM-130s @ 24v powered by 5 X NiCad Batteries.
    Top Speed: 13 mph.
    Feet: 4 X Shuffling Pads with Asmaprene urethane rubber, and this prevents WDR from self-destruction.
    Armour: 6mm Hardox for the ring spinner, and 5mm Grade 5 Titanium for top and bottom.
    Ground Clearence: 5mm all around.
    Weapon: 30kg Ring spinner spinning at about 1300RPM, powered by a LEM-130, and has 6 X 1kg Hypno-Disc style teeth, curved, barbed and jagged to rip armour. This brings out about 125kJ, and if the spinner fails, it can use its INSANE pushing power to ram other robots to death. Its also heavily shock-proofed as well.
    Srimech: Invertible.
    Strengfths: Deadly Weapon.
    Weaknesses: Hates Flippers.


    Weight: 100kg
    Shape: Box with skirts all around, and bucket scoop on front
    Colour: Black with Dark Blue scoop
    Dimensions: 100 X 75 X 36
    Power: 2 X LEM-130€™s @ 36v powered by 4 X NiCad Packs
    Tyres: 4 X Tightly Foam Packed, Asmaprene Urethane Rubber Tyres
    Armour: 4mm Hardox 600 Everywhere
    GC: 0mm on the front, 0mm with skirts, 6mm without skirts
    TC: Zilch-o
    Top Speed: 19 mph
    Weapon: Mainly Relies on pushing power, but there is a small vertical square-shaped blade on the scoop, powered by a S28-400. The blade tips are diamond coated and its top speed is 6000RPM. Heavily Shock-Proofed, as well.
    Inspiration: Named after a Spanish bull which seriously injured a bullfighter.
    Srimech: Doesnt need one, its invertible.
    Strengths: Tough Armour, The Blade, CRAZY PUSHER!
    Weaknesses: Uh... None?

    Ramminator 1 1/2

    Weight: 100kg.
    Body Shape: Box with front concave scoop, and skirts all around.
    Colour: Prussian Blue.
    Dimensions: 100 X 77 X 27
    Drive: 2 X LEM-130s @ 36v, powered by 4 X NiCad Batteries.
    Top Speed: 22 mph.
    Wheels: 4 Inner, Tightly Foam-Packed Wheels, with Asmaprene Urethane on it.
    Armour: 4mm Hardox everywhere
    Ground Clearence: 0mm at the front, 0mm anywhere with skirts, and 5mm anywhere without skirts.
    Weapon: This mainly relies on pushing power, but there is a tungsten-tipped sawblade on the scoop powered by an S28-400, and spinning at 4000RPM. Heavily Shock-Proofed, as well.
    Srimech: Invertible. Side spikes keep it from getting beached.
    Strengths: Very Hard to get under, Immense Pushing Power.
    Weaknesses: Lets just say the wheels are a bit exposed.

    For my realie I will enter Tsunami from Series 7.

    (Message edited by samuel3764 on September 24, 200

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    Reserve me a spot with these potential entries:

    Wedginator Devilution / Wedgin8or
    Super Gore Revo
    Seung Mina V
    Tira IV
    Killobite Hex
    Macduff the 3rd / 4th
    Envy (realie)

    If theyre done in time, Wedgin8or and Macduff the 4th will have their stats posted here. ZED has the rest of the stats.

    Good luck with this Liam. I thoroughly enjoyed last series and this looks to be just as exciting, if not moreso.

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