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Thread: Velociraptor's Fanfic Tournament: The Comeback

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    Well its not as if the cease automatically stops all radio communication between transmitters and robots...see Pitbull v. Firestorm for quite a lot of fighting that happened after the cease

    Im with everyone in agreeing this is a tourney of wootiness, and also with most people in saying I shall almost definitely be in the next one.
    Congrats to Frank for winning especially since he had to get past my for some reason spelt in all capitals best creation in order to do so :P, and commiserations to the losers.

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    Ah well, at least I took the Housers with me.

    As Ive said time and again, its great to see you back at the writers chair, Rich. Bravo to Liam, AJ and of course Frank for making the podium and you can guarantee me a place in the next Velociraptor extravaganza. clipart{wink}

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