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Thread: How could I Improve pt 2

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    Ok. Here is the point where everyone takes a deep breath and steps back.

    People are being overly harsh to you here, but equally most of what they are saying has some value. I dont think you necessarily need to start again but you do need to clarrify your design considerably.
    Have a go at drawing what you have in mind, give us a link and then we can advise you on how to realise it. However, the key to designing a successful vapour (or for that matter real robot) is to give your machine features which have benefits. Achilles for example got developed as I adjusted it after every loss to compensate for that failure - we are giving you our own experience so you dont have to have all that, and crammign features with no discernable purpose in on a whim isnt improve your machine.

    Everyone else:
    Much as Ben may be grating on your nerves there is no need to take it personally. if he doesnt listen to your advice then its his loss, but there is no need to turn this into another bloody flamewar.

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    Im so glad youre listening to Alex there CHris

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    ...Chris, to be completely fair, he never accused you of making them unrealistic, he said that you never started again with them when they werent good enough, just improved them. I fail to see how that is an insult.

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    I agree with Joey. Ben is innocent in this regard only.

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    I have actually looked at the system Acrhangel uses now, and wouldnt it be classed as a rotary system and thus not classed as a walker?

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