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Thread: The Oddestsey II: Return to Odd

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    I dont think Brutus, Dirge or Frank need to worry about the cold, and the Prof and the Baron certainly have means of firestarting, so it wont be too much of an issue while you are all staying put, of course, if you were forces to move.

    Note to Joey: Id be nice to Shane and try to persuade him to carry the Sucker in an emergency.

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    The Sucker is a giant fish - its mass is large enough that a change in temperature wouldnt affect it for some time, and the thick skin wouldnt lend itself to heat conduction very well. Extended cold periods might be a problem though.

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    This will definatly come under extended period of cold...

    Now just remember to suck up to Shane (sorry, I can never resist puns...)

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    yeah baby get sucking

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    *makes a mental note to create a slightly less insane character next time*

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    Brutus could use the fish to slap people who annoy him

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    expect my entry later tonight, sorry for lateness :P

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    Name: Perry
    Gender: Male
    Species: An average sized metapenguin, intelligent enough to speak and use tools with its wings, as well as fly better than most penguins do (though not as good as your average eagle). Can even withstand heat thanks to enhanced skin features.
    Physical description:
    Clothing: A black vest and top hat
    Equipment: A dandy stick that just happens to be very very hard and very dangerous in the wrong hands€¦ I mean wings (about 75% of the height of my penguin). A loaded AK-47 under my top hat, a pocket filled with smoke granades in my vest as well as a harpoon. I also own a Porsche 911.
    Abilities: Cold control like only Antarcicans can have; can create ice and€¦ freeze things. Above all I€™m very well-mannered and a real dandy.

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    Ah, what excellent timing, Martijn . Heres two pics of my character, Tarein:

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    By the way, ignore the horrible angle on the first pic: shes 5 foot 5, not 4 foot 5 (which is what the pic makes her look like) :P

    (for Martijns information, 55 = 162cm :P)

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