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Thread: The Oddestsey II: Return to Odd

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    Awww... I was looking forward to writing someone using a samurai corpse as cudgel lol. But my idea for this tree of life definatly stays where its planted. But thats fine, you are in.

    Frank: You can always tone it down a little to be balanced, for example, not knowing what will come out of the pockets and limiting to what would actually fit through an opening that size.

    Leo: Looks good, you are in.

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    Name: No official name, although generally referred to as either Giant Catfish or The Sucker
    Gender: Male, although it doesnt make that much difference
    Species: Plecostomus gigantensis sapiens, basically a giant (three metres long) suckermouth catfish with a brain capacity about one and a half times that of an intelligent human, very heavily armoured skin, and the ability to breathe air as well as extract oxygen from water. This is offset by the fact that he requires a small amount of moisture to survive, and his mobility on land is somewhat restricted.
    Physical description: px-Plecostomus_700.jpg only bigger
    Clothing: None as such, but does have a sort of neck pouch (if fish can have necks) which gives him some carrying capacity.
    Equipment: An eight foot long wooden pole, two sets of underwater breathing apparatus, a petrol powered 35cc strimmer and a set of bound hardback volumes of Marcel Prousts € la recherche du temps perdu.
    Abilities: Has psychic powers including strong telepathy, which is his main method of communicating with other beings. Can clamp on to and suck on things with an immense amount of force, and has an innate immunity to electric shocks.

    Any problems?

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    Looks fine, though it may need help to get up stairs if there are any lol

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    Ready, with a little help from Alex:

    NAME: Professor Reginald Fortescue Vengeance
    GENDER: Male
    SPECIES: British. Um, human
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5ft 4, skinny figure, short brown hair, green eyes, pale complexion with occasional spots
    CLOTHING: Black tuxedo with matching shoes, bulletproof top hat and high-collared cape. Oh and a bulletproof vest, just in case.
    EQUIPMENT: A walking cane with a green gemstone atop, containing multiple weaponry like a giant Swiss Army knife. Screw the gemstone and a different weapon pops out. Was originally powered by a Chaos Emerald until a run-in with a disgruntled echidna. As such, the cane is now powered by a MarkMotor within the gemstone running at 36v and conceals a boatload of weaponry: a sword, helicoptor blades, a flamethrower, a laser rifle, a laser cutter, a feather duster (Dont ask), you name it, its got it. In case the cane backfires, the Prof also carries several small tools in his pockets to aid in tinkering.
    ABILITIES: The Prof has the intellect of a criminal mastermind and is a technological genius, able to turn even random junk into a Doomsday Device of some sort; rather like the Anti-McGuyver. The Prof also happens to be a bit of a wimp. His jumpiness, however, gives him excellent reflexes and makes him rather tricky to catch. He is also a stickler for punctuality and prides himself on being witty.

    On a side note, the Prof also has a particular hatred of magical beings, a mixture of prejudice and petty jealousy.

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    Full Name: Tarein Medeiros
    Gender: Female
    Species: Homo sapien. Hispanic background.
    Description: Small-medium build, black neck length hair with a fringe, has a bit of a tan, olive-coloured eyes. Has a good-natured personally (which mirrors her expression), and she will defend any friends if provoked, but she wont take sh33t from anyone.
    Clothing: Green huntress shirt with matching light shoulder pads, beige jeans (look more like painters pants though, and theyre tight), green boots with opening frills. Has wrist braces with elongated claws that resemble a hawks talons. Wears a green belt where she has most of her equipment. Also wears a green headband.
    Equipment: A dagger passed down from her father, with a ruby-encrusted hilt; some rope; food; drink; and a platinum pendant that fills the bearer with vigour.
    Abilities: Very fast and agile; light-footed, can land cat-like from several meters above and not make a sound, nor suffer any injury. She is relatively intelligent and mildly-moderately powerful in terms of strength and mind, and has a resounding spiritual energy.

    Incidentally, I have created this character on a game and am just waiting to hook the camera up to the computer to upload them so you can see if you will allow it. :P

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    Full name: Baron Knightrous Von Oxide
    Gender: Male, Human.
    Description: 185cm tall, 75kg, medium build, blue eyes, silver hair, left arm from the elbow to finger tips are bionic prosthetic, powered by a smale arc reactor. Arm has a small ejectable spring loaded assassin blade (Check out Assassins Creed) and a USB port...
    Clothing: Black skivvy, black kevlar BP vest, a white tie, black jeans, steel capped combat boots (With The Baron engraved into the steel caps), White leather trench coat and black titanium rim polarise glasses
    Equipment: Multi-Purpose 37 Black Katana with built flamethrower, 60000v stun gun unit and a bonus flash light in the hilt. A black Metal Storm M100 rifle (capable of 250,000 Rounds Per Minute). A Carbon fiber nano supercomputer PDA with all the awesome accessories you can thing of. An AR-1 Maghook Gun which fires a 250m grapling cable, with magnetic hook, motorised retract.
    Abilities: Technological and Mechanical Prowess, Agility/reflexes, Intellect, Endurance and wikked sense of humor.

    Baron Knightrous Von Oxide, an explosive experience like no other...

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    So far we have:

    Brutus Beefcake (Shane)
    Dirge (Leo)
    The Sucker (Joey)
    Professor Vengeance (Steve)
    Tarein Medeiros (Kody)
    Frank (Frank)
    Baron Knightrous Von Oxide (Aaron)

    Well I think the deadline for the initial roster is now whenever Martijn gets his entry in. Anyone who enters after him can be integrated later.

    This is a better turnout than last time already.

    Oh and as I never claimed to make this fair, all existing entries are now locked, and I advise any entries from now on in to have some means of keeping people warm that only they can do (ie so the others cant pry it from your very cold, dead fingers)

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    I dont need warmth, Im cold anyway.

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