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Thread: Fighting robots on gadget show??

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    Hi Adrian,

    I saw the show and next week they are showing the robogames, I read somewhere that Storm II were interviewed for it so they might be on the show as well.

    It is on next monday at 8pm on Channel 5


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    Weve had a really hectic day with 3 film crews covering Team Storm, one of them from the UK TV series The Gadget Show on Channel 5, theyve been following us and watch out for us coming to UK screens in the coming weeks. As well as The Gadget Show weve been joined by a film crew from VMWare to cover our activities as well as UK show on one of the Sky HD channels - so its been a busy day. To add to the fun the pits just erupted in applause as a LiPo powered featherweight robot went up in smoke at the pit bench launching flames and smoke high into the air !

    just saw wills post - will have to watch that next week then

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