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Thread: A Beginners Guide to Vapourbots

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    Torque calculator and Battery chooser.

    Without a doubt a very usefull tool for all roboteers, vapourbot or otherwise.

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    A litte cheat sheet for calculating surface area and volume of various shapes.

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    Erm.. Im new, and I have had a go at making some vapourbots, where can I post them for you to see what theyre like?

    I have bothered about this section for a while, not registered so I think I have an idea about how most things work here

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    Welcome to FRA, Lewis!

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    Quick and blatant plug for a couple of things I wrote or helped write that may be useful:

    Good Fights Guide: A collection of semi-useful advice for writing fanfic fights

    A table I (well, Andy Jackson did the actual table code but I researched the figures) did for various different electric motors and their peak power at various voltages 91&page=1 ead=491&page=1

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    LEM130s provide 9hp PEAK, not overall, Paul. And S28-400s do provide 18hp at 36v, but youre going to have some pretty cooked MagMotors afterwards. :P

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    There is no way a S28-400 delivers 18HP on 36V. 6 to 8HP at best. Even the C40's supply 8.5HP on 36V and they don't like that at all. And S28's are much more flimsy than than the C40.

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    I did say it was a work in progress, I wasn't overly sure of the Magmotor figures myself given that there doesn't seem to be much available for overvolted ones on the net...

    Leo, could I possibly have a word with you on MSN about this when the appropriate time comes along?

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