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Thread: 12V speedo for featherweight champs

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    Having problems with speedos at the minute. Does anyone have a couple of speedos that can handle a 9.6V drill on 12V that could be borrowed for the champs?

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    gary i have 2 victors you could borrow but its getting them to you which is the problem. i am on the case now tho

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    If you could get them to us at the champs that would be great. We are gonna be leaving today to head down (stopping off at a mates on the way down).

    I am also working on a back up but victors would be preferable!

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    mail me your number so we can chat

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    Gary i have some that will work for you as well ok

    will take along for you (or any one for that matter)

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    John, magic thanks very much. Grant is bringing a couple for us as well. Been an absolute nightmare the past few days!

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