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Thread: The Chevron Championship

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    (alternatively known as the Shane Swans Mansion tournament, the Joey Give It A Rest Already tournament, or the Lets Have One More Tournament To Really Make Things Crowded tournament)

    Ahem. Good evening, peoples. I have something here which may be of interest to you.

    Ive noticed that in the past, there have been several attempts to start a Robot Wars S1/2 style tournament - with the gauntlet and trials - and most of them have either failed or been forgotten.
    So, after the surprisingly good response to my first tournament, The Roaring Donkey, I have decided to start one that hopefully will get completed, and may if things get really good expand further and become a major, or at least something thats half interesting to watch when youve accidentally recorded it instead of Mechanical Noise. I can dream, cant I?

    Anyway, rules:
    I need nine people to enter four robots each. Shane, Kody, and Frank have reserved spots due to their placings in the Donkey. You can have a minimum of 0 and a maximum of two realies, unless you happen to be an actual roboteer in which case your entire squad can be machines you have made.
    Weight limits are 100kg for wheeled machines, 110kg for tracks, shufflers and Blizzard, and 200kgs for true walkers.
    Clusterbots may not exceed three parts, and must complete the gauntlet and trial phases of the game as one unit.
    Flying machines are not allowed.

    The format of the series is as follows:
    There are 6 heats of 6 robots, each consisting of a gauntlet and trials, which each eliminate one robot before the remaining four fight in one-on-one battles, matched based on their trial performances. The winners of each heat will return for a Grand Final, which is basically an ordinary heat but with Pinball instead of a trial.
    The gauntlet is the one from Series 2, with a left hand clear route with two pits and Sir Killalot and Seargeant Bash guarding, a center route with a breezeblock wall followed by a seesaw ramp, Shunt and Dead Metal, and a right hand route with a ram rig (80cm wide when closed, 1.5m open) and the flame pit with Matilda.
    The trials are Sumo, Tug Of War, Football, Joust, Labyrinth, and Snooker. Details available nearer the time or on request.
    The house robots are the standard Series 2 ones as far as weaponry goes, however they have been invisibly upgraded with stuff to make them slightly less cannon fodder-y, again details when it matters or nearer the time.
    The battle arenas details, to save your sanity, are contained in this really really nice labelled diagram:

    Stats can be in any reasonable format, the more detail the better. Reasonable estimations of sizes are required though, this can be a comparison with a real machine or in cms. Reasonably realistic machines are a requirement; please, no invertible super-customised boxes or wooden and plastic acid-filled circles.

    More experienced tournament writers, feel free to point out what Ive missed.

    Get entering!

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    Count me in Joey, Ill gladfully enter this competition, and heres the squad assembled for TEAM INSANITY

    MeCANNIBAL 2.0

    € WEIGHT: 110kg (Shuffler)

    € ARMOUR: 5MM Titanium on top and bottom.

    € SHAPE: Invertible low cylinder

    € MOTORS: 2 x S28-400 MagMotors at 36V = 12HP

    € LOCOMOTION: 2 x Shuffling pads

    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 80CM (W) 80CM (H) 20CM

    € COLOUR: Black with scary human face with over sized teeth coloured red.

    € WEAPONRY: Ring spinner, made of 8MM Harox, weighing 30KG, powered by 2 x LEM130€™s at 36V to give it spinning speed of 3000RPM and producing 195KJ per blow with a spin-up time of 3.5 seconds. It 2 big teeth made of Hardox that curve out. The teeth are inserted into the body and have rows of Tool Steel spikes on the teeth to dig in. These teeth 5kg each and are designed to send all the spinning energy into one spot rather than small amount into multiple spots. It also has 5 Inches worth of Titanium shock-proof Foam to stop it self-destructing.

    € SPEED: 15MPH

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: 0MM-8MM. It has a full-bodied 5mm Titanium skirt running completely along the ground that rises when the shell is spinning, but drops when the shell isn€™t spinning. This is powered by a simple 750w Bosch 36V motor and runs at the same time as the spinner.

    € STRENGTH: Scary name and weapon

    € WEAKNESS: Hard to control

    AUTOISM 2.0

    € WEIGHT: 100kg

    € ARMOUR: 5mm Monocque Hardox on front, rear and top. 4mm Hardox for the Sides and Base.

    € SHAPE: Box with Pointed (Triangular) Sides and Rear to lower spinner Effectiveness.

    € MOTORS: 2 x Lem130 at 36V = 18HP

    € LOCOMOTION: 4 x Vulkaon treaded wheels on top and bottom ala Big Nipper. The wheels are now 85mm in diameter, giving better grip than before.

    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 75CM (W) 70CM (H) 25CM

    € COLOUR: Black for the body, Silver for the crushing weapon. Now, on top, it has the name €˜AUTOISM€™ written in silver.

    € WEAPONRY: The weapon for this is still a Big Nipper style crushing/lifting arm, but instead of claws to lift with, it has a pair of pliars to lift and crush with. The pair of 3.25mm Hardox pliars works on the same system as the lifter as the pliars are part of the lifter to avoid being torn out by spinners. The weapon lifts and crushes with a force of 9 Tonnes, using a Razer-like mechanism for lifting and crushing! The new crushing weapon means that if flipped, the robot doesnt need to self-right. The bottom part of the jaw is wider than before, to allow for more grip on the opponent

    € SPEED: 13MPH

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: 0MM - 8MM. 4MM Hardox sprung skirts on the sides and rear make it a nightmare to get under.

    € STRENGTH: Power and Weapons make it a tough machine

    € WEAKNESS: Easily flipped.

    NITRO-GENE 4.0

    € WEIGHT: 100kg

    € ARMOUR: 5mm Hardox for the body. 6mm Hardox flipper.

    € SHAPE: Low invertible box with pointed sides and rear. At the front is a Storm 2 style wedge to aid in getting underneath other robots. The scoop is now concave to slow down FBS robots and make them easier to fight.

    € MOTORS: 4 x LEM 130€™s at 36V = 36HP

    € LOCOMOTION: 4 Vulkanised Wheels.

    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 90CM (H) 17CM (W) 70CM

    € COLOUR: Black all over with the flipper coloured red.

    € WEAPONRY: A full pressure Nitrogen powered flipper at 1000psi, using a single 80mm ram at 1000psi. The flipper is mounted in the middle of the robot, and is 20cm wide and runs 30cm up the body. Using a 3cm long Titanium strip underneath the flipper, and a heavy flipping arm, the flipper runs completely along the ground. Running on a ratio 2.8:1, the flipper produces 1800kg of force at the tips, allowing me to launch anyone away! This version has 2 x 3kg Nitrogen bottles, giving me 25 flips!

    € SPEED: 22mph

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: 0MM-2CM. At the front, it is completely 0mm. On the sides/rear, its 2cm. The orginal weakness of Nitro-Gene (its high ground clearance) has been seen to by the skirts on the sides/rear. They are 5mm Titanium skirts and are joined together like BioHazard - at the corners. To avoid them breaking off, they are held in place by Hardox hinges.

    € STRENGTH: Pushing power and weaponry.

    € WEAKNESS: High speed may mean difficult driving


    € WEIGHT: 100kg

    € ARMOUR: 4mm Hardox for the back/scoop. The top and bottom panels are 5mm Titanium and the sloped sides are 6mm Hardox to sheild the wheels.

    € SHAPE: Low invertible box with a front scoop (the scoop has a slight dip in it to help get under other robots better) and sloped sides.

    € MOTORS: 2 x LEM 130€™s at 36V = 18HP

    € LOCOMOTION: 4 Vulkanised Wheels.

    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 60CM (H) 20CM (W) 60CM

    € COLOUR: Unpainted, with the exception of the name on top written in black paint.

    € WEAPONRY: The weaponry consists of 3 x 9kg discs, made out of 1cm of Titanium with 3 Hardox bludgening teeth. The discs are set on the same axle, and amounted deep into the scoop, with the teeth just reaching towards the lip of the scoop, so the uppercut movement of the discs can attack base-panels and the like. The discs are powered by 2 x LEM130s at 36V. Set on a ratio of 1.5:1, it gives off 3600rpm. The discs, combined together make 27kg, so the force given out is 165kj per hit! Large amounts of Rubber amounted behind the scoop stops the risk of self-destruction.

    € SPEED: 18mph

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: 0MM-1CM. At the front, it is completely 0mm. On the sides/rear, its 1cm.

    € STRENGTH: Weaponry.

    € WEAKNESS: Completely new design.


    € WEIGHT: 100kg

    € ARMOUR: 5mm Hardox for the body and flipper. 6mm Hardox for the scoop. There are wedges on the sides and rear of Worck made of 3.25mm Hardox.

    € SHAPE: A low wedge shape.

    € MOTORS: 2 x S28-400 MagMotors at 36V = 12HP

    € LOCOMOTION: 4 Vulkanised Wheels.

    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 70CM (H) 13CM (W) 70CM

    € COLOUR: Black for the flipper and barbs, white for the body.

    € WEAPONRY: A forward hindged flipper, running on a single 750psi ram running on CO2. The gas is contained in 2 x 5kg bottles, giving me 40 flips per fight, and the gearing on the ram 3:1 means we have 1300kg of flipping force! That should mean on a forward hindged flipper that I can flip almost everything OOTA.

    € SPEED: 13mph

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: The wedges make the ground clearance effectively zero, but underneath the wedges is 5mm of clearance. The wedges are held on

    € STRENGTH: Near impossible to get under.

    € WEAKNESS: Low speeds.

    D.V.D (Death Via Drum)

    € WEIGHT: 100kg

    € ARMOUR: 5mm Hardox.

    € SHAPE: An invertible box shape with triangular sides and rear.

    € MOTORS: 2 x LEM130€™s at 36V = 18HP

    € LOCOMOTION: 4 Vulkanised Wheels on top and bottom ala Big Nipper.

    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 70CM (H) 23CM (W) 70CM

    € COLOUR: Black for the drum, white for the body.

    € WEAPONRY: At the front is a 15kg drum, made of Titanium with 3 sharpened tool steel teeth. The drum is powered by 2 x LEM130€™s on a ratio of 1.5:1, giving a spinning speed of 6500rpm! 65kj of energy per hit, and if flipped, the drum can be reversed to help it spin the right way - upwards. Behind the drum, there are massive amounts of shock-proofing to avoid self-destruction.

    € SPEED: 13mph

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: The ground clearance is the same all the way around, due to no skirts or wedge - its 6mm all around.

    € STRENGTH: Good all-rounder.

    € WEAKNESS: Low speeds.


    € WEIGHT: 100kg

    € ARMOUR: 5mm Titanium around the sides, and on the top is 9mm Titanium.

    € SHAPE: A low cylinder shape.

    € MOTORS: 2 x S28-400 MagMotors at 36V = 12HP

    € LOCOMOTION: 4 Vulkanised Wheels.

    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 70CM (H) 10CM (W) 70CM

    € COLOUR: Black for the body, and the bar is red.

    € WEAPONRY: The weapon is a bar weighing 20kg, made out of 10mm Titanium, with 2 x 1kg Hardox blocks. The bar is 90cm long and powered by 2 x S28-400 MagMotors at 36V - allowing a spinning speed of 3000rpm. Incase I€™m flipped over, I have an actuator on the bar, electrically powered by a 750 24V Bosch motor.

    € SPEED: 13mph

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: The ground clearance all around is 5mm.

    € STRENGTH: Very dangerous weaponry.

    € WEAKNESS: Unknown.

    STORM 2

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    pfff, Ive never seen said series, so dont mind me for slightly misunderstanding

    I have to do a gauntlet (what is this?) and Sumo, Tug Of War, Football, Joust, Labyrinth, and Snooker with my 5 heat-mates?

    Also could you make a drawing of the gauntlet like you did with the arena, the arena drawing is very clear IMO

    furthermore, I know you can handle a tourney like this, count me in please

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    Sorry, you only need to enter four robots.

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    The gauntlet was basically an obstacle course with several routes; Ill try and get a pic done tonight or tomorrow, but you can see it in this:

    The trials are also on Youtube somewhere, but theyre either one at a time (sumo, tug of war, joust) or free for all (football - five machines try to score vs. two house robots, last one that hasnt scored is out, snooker - get as many balls as you can into your pocket, fewest balls is out, and labyrinth - try to navigate a maze with house robots). Someone else can probably explain it better and clearer than I can.

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    Count me in!

    Macduff the 3rd
    Super Gore Evo
    Tira III
    Shadow Zone 1.1

    Working on Macduff the 3rd right now. Stats up later.

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    Im going to try and redo all of these bots in the next day or so, so bear with me.

    Black Panther Queen

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    must each of my bots do all these trials?

    Flick of the Wrist
    Liar 2
    Sheer Heart Attack
    Back to Rock III

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