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Thread: The Chevron Championship

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    Woo victory for the 3 year old+ robot! Awesome fight Joey, both this and for the entire tournament!

    And bad luck Shane, personally Id thought you were going to win... As soon as my next deadline is out the way its time for writing up that revamp I feel.

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    Shame the awards have happened already, or else I would have voted this Best Battle. :sad: Easily. This so trumps any of my battles. Very, VERY well done Joey.

    Congratlations to Alex and Darkestar, and kudos to Shane and Ripper for hanging in there. Good job everybody.

    Ill be back with Macduff the 4th. :wink:

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    AWESOME tournament this was Joey, Im not too inspired right now to write an essay on how great it was but great it was!!!

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    Good sir, after a final that epic and a tournament that awesome, I insist that you save me a spot for CC2 this instant.

    Terrific stuff, Joey and bravo to all four finalists. Cant wait for the next one!

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